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Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck: which handheld suits you?

Anyone who likes to enjoy the coolest games on the go quickly ends up with a Nintendo Switch or a Steam Deck. However, there are more differences than similarities to list between these two. Which gaming handheld suits you?

Whether you go for the Nintendo Switch or opt for the Steam Deck after all, you are guaranteed hours of fun on the go either way.

Nintendo Switch vs. Steam Deck

However, there are plenty of reasons to prefer one handheld over the other. We list the differences.

#1 Games

The main reason for choosing one handheld console over another is the range of games available. Which games are available varies between these systems. On the Nintendo Switch, you can get your hands on exclusive games such as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Super Mario Odyssey and several Pokémon games.

You won’t find these games on a Steam Deck, but it offers very different kinds of games. Moreover, there is much more to choose from, as it can theoretically run any PC game. However, not every PC game is optimized for a smaller screen, so you may run into problems with some games.

Nintendo Switch

#2 Performance

When it comes to brute power, the Steam Deck easily wins over the Nintendo Switch. That’s because Valve’s handheld uses powerful custom AMD processors and RDNA2 graphics. So playing games is a lot smoother on the Steam Deck.

This is not surprising, however, considering that the Nintendo Switch is about four years older than the Steam Deck. The Nvidia Tegra X1 processor under the hood is even older, as it first appeared in 2015.

#3 Display

In terms of the display, the differences are quite small. Whereas the Nintendo Switch has a traditional 16:9 aspect ratio, that of the Steam Deck is slightly larger with its 16:10 ratio.

The Steam Deck’s display is 7-inches. That’s larger than the Nintendo Switch’s 6.2-inch panel and much larger than the 5.5-inch Lite model. However, an OLED version of the Switch is now available with a 7-inch screen as well.

So if you’re looking for the biggest screen, you’re in the right place with both handhelds. Both the Steam Deck and the Nintendo Switch also connect to a TV or monitor, giving you the ability to continue your gaming adventures on an even bigger screen.

Steam Deck Nintendo Switch

#4 Battery life

Where the Steam Deck is a real powerhouse, the handheld is knocked off its throne when it comes to battery life. When playing more demanding games, the fun can be over within a few hours, while the Nintendo Switch can go on for a long time. In fact, it easily achieves about 9 hours of playing time.

#5 Comfort

The Steam Deck is considerably heavier than the Nintendo Switch and also larger. For smaller hands, the former is therefore somewhat less suitable. In terms of buttons and controls, Nintendo again has to beat the Steam Deck. The latter has more of them and they are also much more comfortable.

#6 Price

If you don’t want to spend too much money on a new handheld, the Nintendo Switch is the cheapest option. The regular version has a price tag around 270 euros. The Lite version is available even from 200 euros. If you go for the OLED model then you will spend around 320 euros.

The Steam Deck, on the other hand, is available from 420 euros. You then get a version with 64Gb storage. The 256Gb model is 550 euros and offers, among other things, faster storage. The most expensive model, with 512Gb storage, offers the fastest storage and features etched anti-reflective glass. For these specs and some more perks, however, you have to pay 680 euros.

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