Nintendo Switch the ultimate Zelda game youll never play

Nintendo Switch: the ultimate Zelda game you’ll never play

On the Nintendo Switch, you can play Zelda games such as Breath of the Wild and Link’s Awakening, among others. The former title is fairly unique in its approach and gameplay, which made for a special experience. But did you know that the Nintendo DS could also have had deviant The Legend of Zelda game?

If the latest video from the YouTube channel Did You Know Gaming is to be believed, a peculiar Zelda game would be released around 2004. This game would feature strategic and puzzle gameplay similar to a title like Final Fantasy Tactics. The games would have the same target audience.

Nintendo Switch and DS with unique Zelda games

The YouTube channel bases its video on design documents the creators received from developer Retro Studio. That is a studio that, among other things, breathed new life into the Metroid series, with Metroid Prime for the GameCube. In addition, the developer is responsible for Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Heroes of Hyrule, as the game would be called, was thus supposed to combine tactical gameplay with the adventure style of Zelda games. In addition to solving puzzles, you had to take on groups of enemies. The story was set a hundred years ago, and featured three unique characters.

No traditional level system

Link would then team up with Dunar the Goron, Seriph the Rito and Krel the Zora. All characters thus had their own weapons, skills and play styles. There was no traditional level system, but you could collect armor, weapons and hearts to become stronger over time anyway.

And entirely in the style of The Legend of Zelda, you would unlock items that could then help you solve environmental puzzles. The game would additionally feature a second character you play with, in the form of Kori. With that character, you would explore Hyrule, talk to the people around you and do quests in between.

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