Pimp your keyboard with priceless Pokemon buttons

Pimp your keyboard with priceless Pokémon buttons

If you are a fan of Pokémon, you can spend your money on many official products. But there are also many hobbyists who let their creativity loose to create unique products.

For example, website Kotaku gave attention to a creative who makes special buttons for your keyboard. But in full Pokémon style. And it’s finger-licking good.

Special Pokémon buttons for your keyboard

It’s all about the creator Hirosart. On his Etsy website you can see several cool Pokémon products. These so-called keycaps can be placed on your keyboard. In this way you remove the standard escape button from the keyboard and place a keycap that the artist has made. This gives your keyboard a bit more cheerfulness.

Pikachu PokémonPikachu as your escape button (Image: Etsy)

There are several varieties to score from Hirosart’s online store. They are not cheap though. This is for a big part due to the labour that went into the products. All keycaps are namely made by hand. The artist first started by making a special Pokémon diorama and then worked it with Resin, creating a solid object. Hirosart therefore warns that not every button is equally solid. As such, it’s not advisable to place such a button on a letter you use often. But by changing your space bar or adjusting the escape button, you can get a bit more cheerfulness on your keyboard without it getting in the way of your work.


As mentioned, these Pokémon products are pricey. A single button will easily cost you something like fifty euros. Want to go for the spacebar? Then you pay the highest price and you should count on about 160 euros. Quite an investment, but it is worth it.