Play Bioshock The Collection for free thanks to this brief

Play Bioshock The Collection for free thanks to this brief promotion!

It’s really quite wise to get a free account on the Epic Game Store. In addition to being able to score certain games exclusively on the store, you also regularly get games that you can score completely free. Such is the case now with Bioshock The Collection.

Last week Borderlands 3 was totally free, and now with Bioshock The Collection you get a second game from 2K Games that you can pick up for free and then play for free forever. All you have to do is be quick about it.

Bioshock The Collection free and clear

Bioshock The Collection is a collection that consists of the original BioShock, the second part which is considered the lesser of the collection and BioShock Infinite. In particular, the first and third games in the collection are really worthwhile. Moreover, these versions of the games were re-released as remasters a few years ago. That way they feel a little less outdated and are really good to play today.

Play Bioshock The Collection for free thanks to this briefInfinite (Image: 2K Games)

The games in Bioshock The Collection have a nice mix between story, action and RPG elements. In the game, much of the story is told through audio messages that you find, but in Infinite there is also more room for the story brought out by the main character. Furthermore, it is possible to go wild with various weapons. At the beginning it is simple weaponry, but along the way you find better weapons. With the items you find during your adventure, it is also possible to improve them. Finally, you have some sort of magical powers to use. With these you can defeat enemies in a clever way. By paying close attention to how environments are put together, you can be extra effective. If an enemy is standing in a pool of water and you fire electricity at them, you will take them out in one shot.

Taking advantage quickly

All you have to do to score Bioshock The Collection is go to the website and claim the game there. Do that before June 2, because after that there will be a new title that you can score that way. Want to know what we thought of the game at the time? Then read our review here.

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