1647549345 PlayStation 4 topper Until Dawn gets exciting sequel with The

PlayStation 4 topper Until Dawn gets exciting sequel with The Quarry

If you’ve owned a PlayStation 4 and are a fan of games that revolve around a story, I hope you’ve played Until Dawn. It was a delightful teen horror game in the style of horror classics like Scream. And now the creator comes out with The Quarry, which you can more or less call a sequel.

After the success of the PlayStation 4 game Until Dawn, developer Supermassive Games came up with a trilogy of The Dark Pictures Anthology. But with The Quarry, it harks back more to what made Until Dawn so good. Prior to the reveal, we were able to speak with the developer.

All about The Quarry

What is The Quarry?

The Quarry is described by the developer as a new Teen-horror game. So similar to what Until Dawn brought to the PlayStation 4. This time, however, it is a game published by 2K Games and thus released for different platforms. The game revolves around a bunch of teenagers who lead a summer camp. But after the camp is over, they want to throw a party together. This is obviously not a good idea. Because before you know it, it all goes wrong and you must ensure that they survive the nightmare. Or let everyone die.

Famous actors

Until Dawn already had a few well-known actors. Think of Rami Malek (who later starred in many films) and Hayden Panettiere. The latter you may know as the Cheerleader in Heroes or from her role in Nashville. The Quarry also features familiar faces. If you have seen Scream, then you probably like the fact that David Arquette plays a role. We also see Ariel Winter from Modern Family, Justice Smith from Detective Pikachu and Jurassic World, Brenda Song from Dolface, Lance Henriksen from Aliens, Lin Shaye from A Nightmare on Elm Street and a few others. They have been incorporated into the game with their faces and motion capture.

The QuarryAriel Winter (Image: 2K Games)

Making choices

As with the other games Supermassive Games has made, The Quarry is a title that revolves around making choices. Those choices can have big consequences. Sometimes you make the wrong choice and your favorite character can get killed. In this way, there are many different endings in the game.

Playing Together

The beauty of The Quarry is that it is an experience that you can share together. There are several ways to play the game cooperatively, where you make choices together and swap around each scene. But there is also an online mode. In this, eight players can experience the game and make the choices in the game together.

When will The Quarry be released?

You won’t have to wait very long for The Quarry. In fact, the game is already scheduled for release on June 10. The game will then be playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

1647549345 205 PlayStation 4 topper Until Dawn gets exciting sequel with TheDavid Arquette (Image: 2K Games)

In conversation with the creator

Prior to the announcement, I had the opportunity to speak with Will Byles, who is considered the most important person on The Quarry’s project. He is also the director of Until Dawn, so he does know what he is talking about.

WANT: How did you come to 2K Games as the publisher of The Quarry?

Will: That was actually a logical thing to do. We like to work with the big parties in the games industry and 2K Games was high on our wish list in that regard. It felt like a natural collaboration from the beginning.

WANT: There are quite a few fine actors in the game. How did they feel about it?
Will: It was a lot of fun working with all these wonderful actors. It was pretty spicy though with the different covid measures. Testing had to be done every day and I myself had to walk around with three different types of masks to avoid spreading any virus that might be present.

1647549345 411 PlayStation 4 topper Until Dawn gets exciting sequel with TheLin Shaye (Image: 2K Games)

But in the end, there was mostly enthusiasm. It was a new way of working for everyone. You could see that it often took a while for people to figure out exactly how everything worked. People asked where the cameras were, but with motion capture they are actually everywhere. It was also nice to see that the younger actors picked it all up a little faster than the veterans.

WANT: It is possible to experience The Quarry with seven other players. How does that work?
Will: You have the main player who has the game. He or she is the person who holds the controller and plays the game. The other players can download a demo from the game console of their choice and log into the game with it. They do not control the game, but they can give their vote at the different moments of choice and then it is the case that most votes count.

WANT: How many choices can you make in The Quarry?
Will: Very much so. The Quarry is a game that is about as long as Until Dawn. An average gamer will have the game out within 8-10 hours, but then you have the huge replay value. You have nine different characters. And they can all survive the adventure. Or all die. Or a few that survive. There are a total of 186 endings in the game. And then when you’re done playing, you can also go for the Movie mode. Then the adventure plays out in front of you and you just make choices. Or you set in advance what kind of ending you want. And then the game works towards that.

1647549345 478 PlayStation 4 topper Until Dawn gets exciting sequel with TheHalston Sage (Image: 2K Games)

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