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PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X games a whole lot better thanks to these options

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are undoubtedly the best consoles ever made. This is not only due to their powerful hardware and superb range of games, but also to a number of convenient options.

We are of course talking about accessibility options, something that more and more (major) game developers are focusing on. These settings and features make your gaming experience on your PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X a lot more enjoyable. They include everything from making texts more readable, to customizing the buttons on your controller.

Accessibility options PlayStation 5.

On the PlayStation 5, accessibility settings can be found through the Settings (identified by the gear icon in the upper right corner of the menu). Next, choose Accessibility. Here you will find five different sections. The availability of the options depends on the game you are playing.

Through Screen and Sound you adjust the colors of the screen. For example, you can switch to a high contrast mode, but it is also possible to apply color corrections through your PlayStation 5 if you have some form of color blindness.

In some games, such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, settings such as color corrections also give you a competitive advantage, for example, by making you see enemies faster because you can tell the colors apart better.

Through the Controllers section you adjust the DualSense settings. For example, you set custom buttons on the PlayStation 5 controller. You can also easily swap the functions of the left and right joysticks with each other. In addition, you can easily adjust the intensity of the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

PlayStation 5 Playstation PlusGet even more out of your PlayStation 5 with the best accessibility options! (Image: Jeshoots / Unsplash)

Another handy accessibility option on the PlayStation 5 is Closed Captions, found under Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. It allows you to enable captions and subtitles for videos. You can change everything from the size of the letters to the font and the coverage of the text.

In addition, Chat Transcription is incredibly useful for PlayStation 5 users. This converts voice chat to text, so you read what your teammates are saying instead of listening to it.

Accessibility options Xbox Series X

Like on the PlayStation 5, there are plenty of accessibility options on the Xbox Series X. Again, you reach the Settings via the gear icon in the upper right corner. Here again, select Accessibility.

There are no less than nine categories found on the Xbox Series X. One of the most useful accessibility options is Night Mode. This automatically dims the screen at night, making it a lot more comfortable for your eyes. You can set this option manually or use it scheduled.

Xbox Series XThe Xbox Series X is not averse to accessibility features either. (Image: Billy Freeman / Unsplash)

As with Sony’s PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X is capable of converting other players’ voices into text. You get this done through the Game and Chat Transcription setting. Through Narrator, you can have texts, buttons and other things spoken on the screen.

In the Controller section, you can adjust the Xbox controller’s buttons and the degree of vibration. It is also possible to enable a Copilot function, so you can control the same character with a friend via two controllers. Super fat!

Also on the Xbox Series X, you can set higher contrasts and color filters. In addition, there is also the option for Subtitles here, so you can follow (video) content via text. This option is currently not yet available in games, so unfortunately you can’t use it in the new Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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