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PlayStation 5 controller has punchy vibration, but it can be turned off

The PlayStation 5 controller boasts an impressive feat of technology, but for anyone who gets mad about that vibration, there’s good news: you can just turn it off. How to turn off the innovative haptic feedback (and adaptive triggers), we explain to you in this article.

The updated vibration feature in the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller provides the ultimate experience, but it can also be incredibly irritating at times. If only because nerves strike right away with every vibration while playing your favorite shooter. The haptic feedback just isn’t for everyone.

PlayStation 5: How to disable controller vibration

In case you are fed up with the vibration of your PlayStation 5 controller, first consider setting the vibration feature to a lower setting. The feature does offer just that little extra gameplay experience in some games. During a game of Call of Duty: Warzone, however, you’d rather lose the feature than get rid of it. Adjusting the vibration works like this.

Boot up your PlayStation 5 and navigate to Settings (identified by the gear next to your avatar). Scroll down and press Accessories. Next, go to Controller (general). To turn down the haptic feedback, go to the Intensity of Vibration and select Weak (or Medium). Want to get rid of the vibration altogether on your PlayStation 5? Then select Off.

PlayStation 5 controller

Here’s how to turn off adaptive triggers

The adaptive triggers create a kind of tension around the triggers (L2 and R2). This should provide a more immersive experience while shooting a bow and arrow in a game like Horizon: Forbidden West. You’ll also notice this resistance in a shooter. If you want to turn off this feature on your PlayStation 5, you can do so in the following way.

In the same controller settings section, you can adjust the PlayStation 5’s adaptive triggers. Go to Controller (general) and choose Intensity of trigger effect. You can also disable this feature completely or make it less powerful.

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