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PlayStation 5 gets much-needed facelift and slightly higher price tag

The PlayStation 5 will look a little different starting this November. Sony has applied its famous “Slim” tactic to the console, but will make consumers pay a little more for it.

Dutch gamers can get their hands on the Digital Edition for 449.99 euros. Prefer gaming with a disc in your console? Then buy a detachable disc drive for an additional 100 euros.

Sony gives PlayStation 5 the Slim treatment

It has now become tradition for Sony to release a Slim model of its most recent console some time after its launch.

You could sort of call it the sleek version of your current boyfriend or girlfriend. More of the same, yet just a little bit different.

In terms of volume, the new PlayStation 5 has been reduced some 30 percent and weighs up to 24% less than its predecessor. ‘Up to,’ because the disc drive model logically weighs a bit heavier.

Anno 2023 disc drive once again steals the show

Personally, I am quite amazed that anno 2023 we are paying particular attention to the disc drive. Especially at a time when streaming games and thus putting discs in slots is a bit at an end.

PlayStation 5 gets much-needed facelift and slightly higher price tag (Image: Sony)

Still, I do understand the attention, as the Digital Edition replaces the disc model of the PlayStation 5 with a slight modification. The drive itself is detachable, so as of now it can be purchased separately and mounted by yourself.

In the Netherlands, this ensures that gamers will have to pay about 100 euros extra. But it also ensures that, if halfway through the life of your PlayStation 5 you suddenly yearn for a disc drive, you do not immediately have to buy a whole new console.

If you want to put the PlayStation 5 down, a separate stand can also be purchased for $29.99.

PlayStation 5 joins hands with Portal

By the way, the new PlayStation 5 model is not the only console Sony has announced this year. Earlier, the company also unveiled the PlayStation Portal. Although the name “console” may not be entirely appropriate.

Nintendo Switch or a Wii U after all: what is the PlayStation Portal? (Image: Sony)

PlayStation Portal is much like a Nintendo Switch in appearance, but it is not capable of playing its own games. For that, it needs the help of a PlayStation 5 and the same Wi-Fi network.

So you can enjoy your favorite games with the $219 handheld once the television is occupied, but that’s about it.

Want to know more about the device? Jeroen listed all the information for you in the article below:

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