PlayStation 5 in 2022 5 top games to look forward

PlayStation 5: most downloaded game is an old friend

The PlayStation 5 is now more than a year old. So 2021 was the first full year for the game console. And in that year, FIFA 22 proved to be the most popular game.

At least, if you look at the digital sales. On the PlayStation Blog, they announced what are the games that have been downloaded the most on the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 4.

FIFA 22 big winner on the PlayStation 5

Exact figures have not been given, so we have to make do with the list that has been given. So it shows that in Europe FIFA 22 is the most downloaded game on the PlayStation 5. It is followed by Call of Duty: Vanguard. FIFA 21 also proved to be still popular and is in the third spot. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is in spot four and Battlefield 2042 is still the fifth game despite all the problems. Among Us is also notable with its sixth spot. That game was only released in December, so it received massive influxes.

FIFA 22 PlayStation 5FIFA 22 (Image: Electronic Arts)

In the United States, we see that games like Call of Duty, Spider-Man and Battlefield 2042 are also successful on the PlayStation 5. Only there, the number one position instead of FIFA 22 is given to NBA 2K22. Madden NFL 22 is also doing well there. On the PlayStation 4, we see that games like Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft are doing very well. Also, Black Ops Cold War is generally downloaded more than Vanguard.

Beat Saber winner in VR field

Sony has also released lists for the PlayStation VR. In this, Beat Saber is the absolute winner, followed by Job Simulator and Superhot VR. Finally, in terms of so-called free-to-play games, we see that Fortnite is the most popular. It is a joint list for the PlayStation 5 and 4. Rocket League and Warzone are also doing well. In Europe, it is notable that eFootball 2022 has also done well, despite that being a really thick bagger game.