PlayStation Plus comes with delightful feature for gamers

PlayStation Plus comes with delightful feature for gamers

In June, the existing PlayStation Plus subscription will be changed. Then the features that are now part of PlayStation Now will be added to it, making it a kind of Xbox Game Pass.

At least, an Xbox Game Pass light. Because PlayStation Plus, in its most premium level, isn’t going to offer the ability to offer exclusive games for free from day one. Still, Sony seems to be coming up with another feature that sounds like music to our ears.

PlayStation Plus gets delightful feature for gamers

Because if we go by what Kotaku states, and is confirmed by multiple sources, Sony is going to soon give PlayStation Plus gamers the ability to temporarily access games that cost more than $34. Kotaku argues that this will be a disadvantage for developers, as they would have to put in extra work and make less revenue. But others argue that Sony itself will incorporate the features into the games. So it would not take extra time to make that.

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Source tells me PlayStation Store team will create the 2 hour timed trials for developers, so it shouldn’t be extra work, though I’ve heard concerns from others about Sony monetizing a perk and not sharing that revenue with studios

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And that’s just good news for gamers. If you have an expensive subscription to PlayStation Plus, then you have the opportunity to test out new full priced games. You then get something like two hours to see if a game is a bit of a fit for you. In this way you reduce the chance of making a bad purchase. The trials should be available three months after the release of the game and then present for a year as a choice. But the developer also has the possibility to release a demo, in order to convince the gamer of the game.

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So in this way, PlayStation Plus members will have a great opportunity to discover a game and decide for themselves if it’s a title that will be worthwhile. The new service will be released at the end of June.