PlayStation Plus treats soccer fans to free games in May

PlayStation Plus treats soccer fans to free games in May

There’s a new pile of free games that gamers with PlayStation Plus can get their hands on. Anyone in need of a game of EA FC 2024?

It’s another new month and that means another stack of new free PlayStation games that you can download with a PlayStation Plus subscription.

This month, gamers get access to Destiny 2: Lightfall, EA Sports FC 24, Tunic and Ghostrunner 2.

Free games from Playstation in May

Four free games for May, that is. Time to get acquainted.

EA Sports FC 24

Starting May 7, you can download the standard version and Ultimate Team starter pack of EA Sports FC 24 for free with a PlayStation Plus subscription. The game will be available for download for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

FC 24 is the newest soccer game you can buy right now, complete with great graphics and the latest updates. Still, the game does not score extremely high at Metacritic; 75. But there is a big disagreement among critics, for example, the game gets a 90 from PLAY, but a 60 from XGN.

Users themselves, however, are less enthusiastic. Among them, the title averages a score of 23.

Destiny 2: Lightfall

The second free game you can download with PlayStation Plus starting May 7 is Destiny 2’s expansion called Lightfall. This expansion also comes with both the PlayStation 5 and PS4 versions. It is important to note, however, that you can only play the Lightfall expansion if you have downloaded Destiny 2.

In the expansion, you get access to a whole new story, weapons, equipment and new enemies to fight against. The expansion is set on Neptune and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen in Destiny. The expansion scores 69 on Metacritic, but here the roles of critics are reversed. XGN gives the expansion a score of 80 and PLAY only 50. The user reviews aren’t too good either; a 3.2, again with mixed reviews.

Ghostrunner 2

The sequel Ghostrunner 2 will also be available for free download starting May 7 with a PlayStation Plus subscription. The difference with this game is that here you will only receive the PlayStation 5 version, as the game cannot be played on the Playstation 4.

In Ghostrunner 2, a first-person action game, you must survive in a post-apocalyptic futuristic cyberpunk world. The difference with other action games is that you are not allowed to take damage yourself; if you get hit once, you are done. Ghostrunner 2 scores 80 on Metacritic with generally positive reviews. The user reviews in particular are much more positive than the games before it. Ghostrunner 2 scores a 7.9 here, with few negative reviews.


The last of the four games you can download for free with a PlayStation Plus subscription is the animated adventure game Tunic. Both the PlayStation 5 and 4 versions of the game will be available for free download starting May 7.

In Tunic, you must explore a dangerous world with lots of dark forests, ancient ruins and tricky labyrinths. Along the way you have to fight enemies, you can find treasures and discover secret techniques. Tunic has the highest Metacritic score of these four free games, scoring 85. The user reviews sits slightly lower than that of Ghostrunner 2. Here the game scores a 7.8, still super positive.

PlayStation Plus subscriptions

To get access to these free games, you must first purchase a PlayStation Plus subscription. If you only want the free games it doesn’t matter which of the subscriptions you choose, but some subscriptions have more extras than others. Here’s which PlayStation Plus subscription is best for you.

PlayStation Plus Essential

PlayStation Plus Essential is the cheapest option of the three, but with it you get the fewest extras. All subscriptions have three payment options. For the 1-month subscription, you pay 8.99 euros. So after each month you can decide to stop, but it is also the most expensive. For the 3-month subscription, you pay 24.99 euros, with a minimum of 3 months. And for the annual subscription, which is comparatively the cheapest, you pay 71.99 euros.

With the PlayStation Plus Essential subscription, as the name suggests, you only get the Essential extras. This includes Online Multiplayer, Cloud storage and exclusive content. This exclusive content includes the free games, as well as other discounts that PlayStation regularly gives away to Plus members.

PlayStation Plus Extra

PlayStation Plus Extra is slightly more expensive than Essential, but with it you get some extra features. For a 1-month subscription you pay 13.99 euros, which is 5 euros more expensive than Essential. Again, this is proportionally the most expensive option. For the 3-month subscription you pay 39.99 euros and for the annual subscription you pay 125.99 euros. Also with this subscription, the annual subscription is the most money, but comparatively the cheapest.


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With PlayStation Plus Extra, you have all the benefits of Essential, plus some extra (literally). So you have access to free games, extra discounts, cloud storage and online gaming. But with Extra, you also get access to a game catalog where you can download free games, and you get access to Ubisoft+ Classics.

PlayStation Plus Premium

PlayStation Plus Premium is the most expensive option if of all the subscriptions, where you also receive the most. The 1-month subscription option here is 16.99 euros. This is another 3 euros more than the Extra subscription. The 3-month option costs 49.99 euros and the annual subscription costs 151.99 euros. That’s a fair amount of money to spend on a PlayStation subscription.


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But for this large sum, you also get some extras in return. Here you still have access to all the benefits of the cheaper PlayStation Plus subscriptions with some more nice extras. For example, you have access to the Sony Pictures catalog, where you can watch Sony movies and series for free. Also, with the Premium option you can play trial versions of games and you can game on the cloud which means you don’t have to download games.

Now you can decide which subscription is best for you. You can play the aforementioned free games with all three subscriptions. People with PlayStation Plus accounts still have until May 6 to download April’s free games, so be sure to do so if you haven’t already. These games are Aveum, Minecraft Legends and Skul: The Hero Slayer.

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