Pokemon Go ends irritation that people have been facing for

Pokémon Go ends irritation that people have been facing for years

You may not believe it, but Pokémon Go is still immensely popular in 2022. The success of 2016 has not been matched for years, but is nevertheless still incredibly relevant to a lot of gamers. Reason enough for Niantic, after all these years, to finally put an end to a major irritation of players.

The developer announces an improvement via a blog post on its website. In the latest version of Pokémon Go, the entire Mega Evolution system will be overhauled. Finally!

Pokémon Go puts an end to major irritation

Evolving your Pokémon will not only become easy in Pokémon Go, but will also give you as a player much more satisfaction than before. At least, that’s the vision Niantic has for the game’s revamped Mega Evolution system. Gamers in Australia and New Zealand can already enjoy it at the moment. We in the Netherlands, along with the rest of the world, will have to be patient for a while. The renewed system will soon come to our version of Pokémon Go.

Still, this news is worth mentioning, because with a new system Niantic is putting an end to a problem. There are many players who have had frustrations over the years with the Mega Evolution feature within Pokémon Go. Whereas previously you had to spend Mega Energy every time to get your Pokémon into Mega Evolve state, now it’s just a one-time expense. Once you perform the action for the first time, it is possible, for a certain period of time, to re-evaluate your Pokémon.

Agents fired

As mentioned, Pokémon Go is not as big as it once was, but the game is still successful. So with all the convenience in the world, it still ruins lives. For example, earlier this year, a rather remarkable story surfaced of cops who find the game just a little too much fun.

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