1649431726 Powerful Elden Ring boss defeated in bizarrely easy way

Powerful Elden Ring boss defeated in bizarrely easy way

Elden Ring has been out for a month now and in that time a lot of gamers have noticed how cool the game is. And the great thing about it is that they manage to discover new things every time.

One of the strongest bosses you’ll encounter in Elden Ring is Radahn. It’s a fight that’s performed in a large environment, and the boss manages to perform powerful attacks in the process. Still, you can easily finish him off.

Elden Ring boss defeated in easy way

I managed to defeat Radahn in Elden Ring myself. But I did that mainly with the help of the summons on the battlefield. They are there to help you and know how to deal a fair amount of damage. But if I had known there was an easier way to beat him, I would have. Japanese Twitter user izuoku_ shows how he dealt with the boss. And that shows it’s actually a piece of cake.

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– いずおく。/九十四 杏🍆🦇 (@izuoku_) April 7, 2022

In his method, you can see that he manages to get Radahn towards the edge of the map. And then the moment he jumps into the air and then lands with a thump, he moves even more towards the edge. To the point of water. Then Radahn emerges again. In a normal fight, that landing then manages to make a lot of impression. But in this case, the boss jumps into the water and drowns in one fell swoop. The fight is over and the player is considered the winner of the battle.

Nice touch

Surely this is a nice touch and can prevent a lot of attempts in which you want to beat him. It is true that he did this in his New Game+ game. It remains to be seen to what extent you can do this in your first attempt. Want to read more about the game? Visit our overview page here.