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Prodrive X Callum: the racing simulator many an F1 fan will fall in love with

A racing simulator at home is the ultimate dream for anyone who wants to tear around Formula 1 circuits themselves, even if it is through a game like F1 22. However, such a racing simulator does take up some space. And to be fair, they usually don’t look very nice.

None of this applies to the Prodrive X Callum, because this racing simulator is incredibly beautifully finished and would certainly not look out of place in any interior. Whether you want to place it in your living room or in your game room, your friends will undoubtedly come over to try out the racing simulator on a Formula 1 night.

Formula 1 nights will never be the same again

To bring the Prodrive X Callum into your home, you do need quite a bit of space. After all, it is a beast of a unit. You might already be able to tell from the name of the racing simulator, but none other than Scottish car designer Ian Callum is thus behind the design of this unit. He has previously been associated with Jaguar, Aston Martin and Ford, among others.

By the way, the exterior of this beauty is made of 16 layers of birch wood with a piano black finish. The cockpit is covered with carbon fiber and hides all the cables and mechanicals. Good riddance of course! There is also a Cobra Nogaro racing seat and the monitor is an AOC Dual-QHD 5K of a tasty 49 inches.

Prodrive X Callum Formula 1 racing simulatorA button fest of sorts! (Image: Prodrive)

Too bad about the price

The steering motor is a Simcube Pro and the steering wheel is a Precision SIM LM-Pro. In addition, custom mechanical pedals are present and this setup comes with a custom PC with Nvidia GeForce RTX video card. The exact model is not mentioned.

With this setup, you will undoubtedly be all set to win all your Formula 1 races. All this beauty, as you might expect, comes with a slightly less fancy price tag. While you will undoubtedly spend less than you would for a real Formula One car, the price of $47,000 is appalling.

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