1652807974 Skyrim has been completely remade and it looks fantastic

Skyrim has been completely remade (and it looks fantastic)

Last year, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim celebrated its tenth anniversary. Since its launch, the game has appeared on a variety of platforms. And considering what a new engine can do for the game, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the developer come up with a true Remake at some point.

This Remake of Skyrim is not one made by the developer. It’s a so-called fan project by someone who translated the game into the Unreal Engine 5. And as a result, the game looks really great.

Skyrim as you never saw it

The video of Skyrim on the Unreal Engine 5 has been shared on Reddit and we have it in an embed below as well. The video gives you a reasonable idea of how beautiful the game could be when released today. What the video lacks are people, but that was probably a deliberate choice. The character models probably wouldn’t look so good in such a fan-made remake. But beyond that fact, it’s enjoyable.

In the remake of Skyrim, we actually see two main elements. It starts in Riverwood, the first village you encounter during your adventure. There, for example, you can see the river rippling in a beautiful way. Also, the various lighting effects come into their own even better here. Then the game moves on to the Western Watchtower near Whiterun. That is say the place where you meet the first dragon in the game.

The power of Unreal Engine 5

This video from Skyrim does show perfectly again what the Unreal Engine 5 is capable of. This is the engine where many future games will be made. Think for example of the new The Witcher game. Want to read more about everything related to the classic game of Bethesda? Visit our overview page here.

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