PlayStation Plus comes with delightful feature for gamers

Smart PlayStation Plus users suddenly have to pay more

Soon in the Netherlands you will have to deal with a new system of PlayStation Plus. In doing so, two premium features will be offered, which, among other things, brings together functionalities of PlayStation Now.

In the Netherlands, the new service will be introduced at the end of June. But in Asia, the service has now launched first. And from that, reports have come out where gamers suddenly have to pay more.

Paying more for PlayStation Plus

This is the message that VGC has put out. They have asked for a response from Sony, but have yet to receive one. Users who have ‘stocked up’ prior to the launch of the new service seem to be suffering. This concerns users who renewed their subscriptions beforehand or quickly scored a PlayStation Now subscription. The idea was that this would then transfer to a premium version of the new subscription with various benefits.

PlayStation PlusA PlayStation Plus annual subscription (Image: Sony)

The problem that has now arisen with users is that they have to pay an upgrade fee if they want a more luxurious subscription to PlayStation Plus. And that upgrade then applies for the entire period that the subscription runs. So if you’ve just taken out a subscription for a few years because it was cheaper, you now have to pay an upgrade fee for that entire period. And that can really run into tens or hundreds of euros. Especially if you have just concluded a subscription for a few years because, for example, you benefited from a discount on Black Friday, this is painful.

Wait and see what this does in the West

As mentioned, the new PlayStation Plus subscription is currently only available in Asia and is slowly but surely being rolled out worldwide. But so if you have your subscription locked in for a few years and want to take advantage of the new benefits, that would be a painful investment.

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