PlayStation 5 problems how the PS4 benefits from them scaled

Sony bids farewell to PlayStation chief: will the console change dramatically?

The PlayStation has been one of the most popular consoles for years. Masayasu Ito has been a major contributor to that. The Japaneseman is now saying goodbye to Sony. What does this mean for the future of the game console.

For years Sony has been one of the leaders of the console world. It started with the ordinary PlayStation and we are now already at the fifth edition. A much sought after edition by the way, since the game console is still hard to come by.

The person responsible for the PlayStation 5 disappears

One of the people behind the great success is Masayasu Ito. He was the hardware chief of the gaming console division of the Japanese tech giant and led the engineering of the PlayStation 4 and 5. In addition, he was also in charge of the development of the PS VR headset, PS4 Pro. He is now retiring and so there is room for something new.

However, Sony seems to be continuing on the old foot. Ito will be replaced by Lin Tao, the current director of PlayStation. Therefore, there doesn’t seem to be many major changes coming. Still, the future holds quite a few challenges as competition from Xbox is fierce.

Microsoft is fully committed to making their services accessible with Xbox. Cloud gaming is now also possible on various Samsung televisions. Gamers no longer need a console in their house to play games. So why would you even buy one?

PS5 PlayStation 5 Xbox Game passPlayStation 5 (Image: Kerde Severin / Unsplash)

How will the PlayStation 6 fare?

By the way, Tao seems to have some time left for possible PlayStation 6, which will probably come despite everything. If we follow the trend of recent years, we can expect it in 2027. Between the PS3, PS4 and PS5 there were 7 years each.

Moreover, we won’t be surprised if a Pro and Slim model will be released in a few years. First, of course, it’s time for the PSVR2. Sony has already announced the VR glasses only a release date is still missing.

Time for a change?

The big question, of course, is whether it is right for PlayStation to continue on the same footing. Of course, the PS5 is a truly top-notch console that can deliver hefty performance. Something it has barely done yet, because Sony is still cautious and doesn’t make its top titles exclusively for the latest consoles. It still takes PS4 specs into account, which means that it does not use its full capacity. Logical, since there are also more PS4s than PS5s, which means there are more sales to be made.

Still, Microsoft seems to have taken a lead in offering subscriptions. PlayStation, of course, has reformed Plus, but still lags behind Xbox. Then again, that’s a different area than hardware, which Ito was previously responsible for. Sony will really have to catch up in that area.

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