PlayStation 5 problems how the PS4 benefits from them scaled

Sony seems to be already working on successor to the PlayStation 5

It is now a year and a half after the release of the PlayStation 5 that it is virtually impossible to score one. Despite those problems, Sony seems to have plans for a new version of the game console.

It would be the PlayStation 5 Pro. That’s something that in itself has a nice ring to it and is understandable. After all, the company did the same with the PlayStation 4. Such a Pro model can ensure that games get a certain boost, so that the most fanatical gamers can enjoy the best performance.

PlayStation 5 Pro coming soon

All right, so a PlayStation 5 Pro is coming. There’s a YouTube channel that claims to have information. That source is now being picked up by several websites. The only problem with this story? The video dates back to March 8. And now over two weeks later, the story is doing the rounds. So that doesn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence. Still, I want to include it as news, because it’s not gene in itself that such a Pro game console is being worked on.

What would this PlayStation 5 Pro bring according to the source? Well more power of course. The GPU would be twice as strong as the normal model in terms of performance. Thus, the game console should be able to easily run games in native 4K with a higher frame rate. Therefore, your games will look nicer and run better. In addition, Sony would have looked at what Nvidia is now doing with their Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology. That should also get a place on the Pro. Loading times, which are already bizarrely short, would also be reduced further.

So when is it coming?

Now you don’t have to throw your PlayStation 5 on Marketplace right away. For now, it’s not coming out yet. The source states that the game console will come out in 2023 at the earliest, but that 2024 makes more sense as a date.