1676867399 Steam is the Valhalla for PC games but how do

Steam is the Valhalla for PC games, but how do you get the most out of it?

Anyone thinking of PC gaming quickly comes to Steam. The platform is bursting with games, from quiet puzzle games to action-packed shooters. These tips will help you get even more out of the PC gaming Valhalla.

Steam is bruisingly popular, with a whopping 33 million simultaneously active users recently. Chances are slim that you, as a PC gamer, have not come into contact with the platform.

Get more out of your PC games with Steam

So these following tips & tricks are sure to come in handy!

#1 Create a collection within your library

If you’ve been gaming for a number of years, your Steam library may already be quite filled with games. If by now it’s getting hard to keep track, creating a collection is a good solution. It will give you a good idea of the single player games in your list and the games installed on your PC, among other things.

Open Steam and click on Library. Then click on the icon with four squares in it to go to your collections. Add a collection via Create New Collection. Give it a name and choose one of the options.

With a Normal collection you drag and drop everything into the collection yourself and with a Dynamic collection you use filters and the collection is automatically filled when you buy new games. Super convenient!


#2 Share your library with friends or family

Sharing is caring, so too when it comes to games. Steam offers the option to share your game library with friends and family members. You can share your games with up to five others. In total, your games can be played on up to 10 devices.

You set up game sharing through the Steam app on the PC. Make sure Steam Guard is enabled. First, log in to the platform on your friend or family member’s PC. Then go to Settings (Windows) or Preferences (Mac) and click Family. Make sure Library Sharing on this computer is enabled. Next, log out and let your friend or family member log back in.

Your friend or relative can now see your Steam library and, of course, download and play the games in it. Is there a catch? Yes, playing shared games is unfortunately only possible by one person at a time (the owner of the game has priority). In addition, not all games are available for sharing.

#3 Add games that are not on Steam

There are many other gaming platforms besides Steam, so sometimes you have to search for where you bought that particular game now. Fortunately, you can also add games from other platforms to Steam, such as from Origin.

Man gaming on Steam

Open Steam and click on Add Game in the lower left corner. Then choose Add non-Steam game. You can then select games from the list to add to your library via Add Programs. Clicking Play will automatically open the platform on which the game was purchased.

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