Successor Nintendo Switch may be most important console in years

Successor Nintendo Switch may be most important console in years

The successor to the Nintendo Switch, which we are likely to see next year, really needs to be an epic handheld. After several rumors, WANT editor-in-chief Mark Hofman is excited, but also really sees the need.

Although Hogwarts Legacy has caused me to be inseparable from my PlayStation 5 for over a month, I must confess that the Nintendo Switch is dear to my heart. The many trips abroad for WANT ensure that I could even call it essential. But even I can now see that the end is near.

End of Nintendo Switch is really in sight

There is something magical about Nintendo. Where PlayStation and Xbox can throw countless good games our way, there is no party that can match the magic of the Japanese company. Doesn’t matter if you’re talking about Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda or Pokémon: it’s all unique.

But fairness dictates that the magic is a little bit off anno 2023. The Nintendo Switch is slowly but surely becoming an outdated product, and it’s high time a new variant appeared on the market.

The gap with the rest of the market has always been large. Yet now, especially given the launch of Hogwarts Legacy, it seems quite sizable. The Nintendo Switch is in need of an upgrade, and I’m certainly not talking about the small step that was the OLED edition.

Powerful engine, fat battery and beautiful image

What the Nintendo Switch needs is actually simple. First, the Japanese company’s handheld needs to carry with it a much more powerful processor and graphics card. Gaming is accelerating anno 2023, and Unreal Engine 5.2 was once again proof of that this week.

Nintendo’s consoles never really measure up to the PlayStation or the Xbox, but the gap is starting to get really big now. Something that is actually true about the console’s image quality as well. The Nintendo Switch needs at least a 4K resolution, and it should certainly make that possible on its small screen.

And here comes the tricky part: this should not come at the expense of battery life. One that, let’s face it, is not too good at the moment. In that respect, there are really big steps to be made to make Nintendo’s console worth it.

Rumors raise concerns

On that front, recent rumors have really raised some concerns in recent weeks. The successor to the Nintendo Switch will have a chip that alone will make it difficult to enable backwards compatibility.

While Jeroen was of the opinion in our Freakin’ Nerds podcast this week that the console really doesn’t need that many changes, I am of the opinion that it does. Economizing on things that are considered standard today is no longer an option. And I sincerely hope Nintendo does just that.

5 Nintendo Switch games to enjoy

Now that I read back my text, it almost seems as if I am unapologetic about the Nintendo Switch, but that is definitely not the case. As is said, for me, Nintendo’s console is essential. Which actually makes the gap with the competition a bit painful.

However, I cannot emphasize enough how genius device the Switch actually is. So I personally think that with a successor, the Japanese company should not tinker too much with the concept, but really give the handheld a really good facelift.

If this is the case, I could hardly be more excited about the arrival of the successor to the Nintendo Switch. Because let’s face it: just looking at the five games below, we know at least one thing for sure. Nintendo may never disappear from the playing field.

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