1678337955 Successor Nintendo Switch proves nightmare for older games

Successor Nintendo Switch proves nightmare for older games

The Nintendo Switch seems to be getting a successor. According to various rumors, Nintendo is working assiduously behind the scenes on its next console. Something to be excited about, lest the Japanese company run into an irritating problem.

Popular YouTube ModernVintageGamer manages to report that the Nintendo Switch 2, as it will likely be called, will be a nightmare for older games. Rather, backwards compatibility is going to be a gigantic disaster.

Nintendo Switch 2 turns out to be nightmare

It’s no secret that flexibility is the Nintendo Switch’s greatest strength. The handheld/console combination can be played not only in the hand, but also on the television, thanks to the docking system. Ideal, but it also provides drawbacks. Namely, the console sacrifices brute force to maximize flexibility.

The Nintendo Switch 2 faces bigger problems in that area, if recent information is to be believed, than the current variant of the game console. That’s because of the processor found inside the console: the Nvidia Tegra X1.

Considering this chipset was originally designed for older devices like the Nvidia Shield, it has nothing against the absolute brute power of consoles like the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. Indeed, it should probably be put into the Nintendo Switch 2 as an emulation or coprocessor.

Such an approach creates such problems that playing old games becomes very difficult. Just as was the case with Microsoft’s Xbox 360, for example. Something excellently explained by YouTuber ModernVintageGamer in the video below:

Time starts ticking

If it is already clear that the Nintendo Switch 2 has such problems, is it smart to bring it to market already?

You might think not, but Nintendo seems to have almost no choice at the moment. The Japanese company will have to accept the disadvantage, considering that the gap with PlayStation and Xbox is really getting way too big. The reason? The Nintendo Switch is aging.

There are already enough titles that are not finding their way to Nintendo’s console because the difference with the competition is really becoming too big. So long story short: Nintendo has to. And whether that’s advantageous…

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