The best PlayStation 5 games right now March 2022

The best PlayStation 5 games right now – March 2022

It’s been about a year and a half now since the PlayStation 5 hit the market. And since that time, we’ve gotten a lot of cool games. Especially the last few weeks have been a party with some great releases. Therefore, it is time for a new list of the best games you can score for the console.

And yes, you can of course go wild with the PlayStation 5 games that came out last year, including Ratchet & Clank and Returnal. But if you’re looking for some new cool releases, these are the games that are really worth a look.

Best PlayStation 5 games

Horizon Forbidden West PlayStation 5Horizon Forbidden West (Image: Guerrilla Games)

We kick off the list of PlayStation 5 games with the insanely good Horizon Forbidden West. The game is truly a joy to play. In a wonderfully large world, you experience an insanely beautiful adventure. It’s a game that offers a compelling story, lots of variety in the missions that Alloy is presented with, an excellent combat system, amazing graphics and several technical advantages, such as short loading times. Take on huge robotic creatures or various human enemies. And along the way you are constantly looking for upgrades to improve yourself each time.

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Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 is a game that we really waited years for. And when it came out last term, it turned out to be a wonderful game. This PlayStation 5 topper gives you the opportunity to tear around with lots of different cars. Realism is high in the process and each car feels slightly different. Moreover, there is so much more to do than just race. You can upgrade your cars, change them visually or take beautiful pictures of them. Or you can go for your new driver’s license or choose to win a new job at the cafe. And it helps that the game looks insanely good.

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Gran Turismo 7 Playstation 5Gran Turismo 7 (Image: PlayStation)

Elden Ring on the PlayStation 5

Well, what else should I really say about Elden Ring except that it is an absolute must-have. This is a game you really should get if you have a PlayStation 5. Or any other console you can play it on. This is an adventure like you’ve rarely experienced. Yes, the game is tough and you will die often. But it is certainly not impossible. Especially if at a certain point you have found a place where you can level up well and that way you really make progress. Then you notice that the game is tough, but certainly not impossible. The game also benefits in a wonderful way from the fast loading times that the console offers and looks great. An absolute must-have as far as I am concerned.

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Elden RingElden Ring (Image: Bandai Namco)

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

A fair portion of the PlayStation 5’s game library will be filled by games that originally appeared on the PlayStation 4. They are then given a new lick of paint and take advantage of certain benefits offered by the new game console. Recently, on that front, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection was released. An ideal compilation package if you haven’t played the games at the time on the PS4. It is the last two games in the series, which presents you with fantastic adventures and now looks even more beautiful.

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1647289442 73 The best PlayStation 5 games right now March 2022Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection (Image: PlayStation)


The last game is a title that has been out for a while, while the other titles are really from the last few weeks. However, I still want to include Hades in these kinds of lists. It really is one of those games that you can play for a long time. It’s an action-packed game, where you take on loads of enemies as a demigod. You have different types of weapons and powers. Some of these you keep and you can improve, but in addition you can also learn a lot of skills per run and thus become better. In this way you get further and further. Add to that the thick soundtrack and you have a top game for the PlayStation 5.

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Hades 3Hades (Image: Supergiant Games)

So these are the absolute must-haves to play on the PlayStation 5 right now. Want to read more about everything related to the game console? Then visit our overview page here.

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