The hottest trailers and announcements from The Game Awards 2022

The hottest trailers and announcements from The Game Awards 2022

Last night, the annual The Game Awards 2022 were held in the US. And aside from the big winners (or losers), there were of course many announcements made and new trailers shown. WANT editor Dennis Mons was tremendously excited about many games.

While normally E3 in particular is the time for game developers and publishers to proudly boast new announcements and trailers, The Game Awards is starting to come side by side with the huge gaming event over the summer. Here are some of my favorite wooHOO moments from this year.

The Game Awards 2022 again jam-packed with announcements and trailers

Most likely, there are countless gamers who again slept through the night because of The Game Awards. By the way, I know from experience that gamers are used to doing that anyway, but I thought 01:00 am was a bit too much. So I dove in today morning on all the awesome stuff I came across.

#1 Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

This is a personal favorite for me (as a huge Star Wars fan). We already knew the Fallen Order sequel was coming, but wow, Survivor takes it a step further. Check out for yourself how intense the gameplay is in this second installment in the reveal trailer from The Game Awards. And wow how beautiful this game is. The game comes out on March 17, and I can’t wait.

Even better: that Collector’s Edition is to drool over. Will only cost you $299 in pre-order at LimitedRunGames.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor games Game Awards 2022That’s going to be saving up! (Image: EA)

#2 Death Stranding 2

Although Hideo Kojima’s first game didn’t quite appeal to me (sorry) I have to admit one thing: the guy sure knows how to make games. Also, this teaser for DS2 (working title) looks fantastic.

#3 Hades gets a sequel

The hardcore roguelike game Hades is getting a sequel. Developer Supergiant Games showed an awesome first trailer with some gameplay footage. Again, it looks super stylized, but many other details are not yet known. No doubt the game (like part one) will be playable in early access. When that will be: no idea.

#4 Street Fighter 6 gets a release date

Although we already knew (of course) that Street Fighter 6 was coming, a release date remained a guess. So Capcom showed a trailer at The Game Awards with the date (June 2) and we get to see some new moves from characters like Dee Jay, Manon, Marisa and JP.

#5 Ghost Story Games shows Judas at The Game Awards

We still have the faintest idea what developer Ghost Story Games’ FPS game Judas is about. But the moment you drop “from the creator of Bioshock” (Ken Levine) into your trailer, I’m on the edge of my seat. Also, throw in a ‘sea shanty’ (which, by the way, is also in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag) and I’ll dive onto your pre-order page!

#6 Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Aside from the fact that I think DC is coming along nicely in the game industry, one thing about the game I am most excited about. The sadly deceased voice actor Kevin Conroy can be heard one more time as Batman. And perhaps I think he is one of the best Batmans ever. I’m curious. Anyway, a nice tribute an the best man during The Game Awards #chickenskin

#7 Among Us: Hide n Seek

Of course, Among Us is far from a new game. But I still have a soft spot for the curious game about murderous space characters. As far as I’m concerned, Among Us is still one of the most fun games to play with friends or random strangers. So the great thing is that Hide n Seek came out today in which one of the players is a killer monster and everyone has to run for their lives.

#8 Hellboy was the opening act of Game Awards 2022

Surely one of the most underrated superheroes is Hellboy, and the grumpy demon with a weakness for cigars and cats is now getting an awesome new game. The first trailer was proudly the opening act at The Game Awards. It’s a beat-m-up that pays beautiful tribute to Mike Mignola’s original artwork. Hellboy: Web of Wyrd does not yet have a release date but will be out on Steam, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox anyway.

#9 PlayStation games coming to PC

The games Returnal and The Last of Us are coming to PC. Returnal is a tering difficult shooter with a wonderful atmosphere. A release date on PC is not yet known. But The Last of Us Part 1 will also soon be playable on your Windows box starting March 3, 2023.

#10 Dune: Awakening

The remake of Dune is and remains for many one of the best sci-fi films in the last decade. And of course there had to be a game of that. In this MMO you have one goal: to survive in the world of Arrakis together with thousands of other players. In any case, developer Funcom aims for you to go on an epic adventure in a harsh environment, as evidenced by the pre-alpha trailer shown at The Game Awards.

A little Game Awards surprise

Last but not least, a little new clip from The Super Mario Bros. Movie was shown at The Game Awards that just makes me happy. Will this be one of the few good game movies? That chance is pretty high! wooHOO!

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