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The impossible Super Mario Bros. record that was broken (again) after all

The Super Mario Bros. world record, which was practically already impossible, has been broken. The difference is nil and even runs towards a few frames.

With the old record at 4 minutes, 54 seconds and 881 milliseconds, it was up to Twitch streamer Niftski to finish the game even faster. Not a unique challenge for the internet celebrity, considering the previous record was also in his name.

“Impossible” Super Mario record broken after all

Niftski is a well-known name in the world of Speedrunners. He was the first person to manage to finish Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) within 4 minutes and 55 seconds. A feat that many considered impossible, considering the old record of five minutes dates back to 2010.

It ultimately took 11 years to reduce the time by five seconds. To break the old record, Niftski needed about a year. Last Sunday, the famous streamer made another attempt on Twitch and managed to achieve it, successfully. Although the difference is thus incredibly small.


What is a Speedrunner?

The job of a Speedrunner is simply to finish a particular game, or level, as quickly as possible. Something that regularly involves different tactics and custom controls.

Where the old record stood at 4 minutes, 55 seconds and 881 milliseconds, this time he did it in 4 minutes, 55 seconds and 798 milliseconds. A difference of only 3 milliseconds and a total of five frames, then. Check out the successful attempt below:

Can it get any faster?

So last year’s “impossible” world record has been broken, but is there any possibility of it happening again? The answer to that question is, oddly enough, “yes. The game is programmed in such a way that, in theory, it would be possible to finish it in 4 minutes, 54 seconds and 265 milliseconds. The problem, however, is that this cannot be replicated by a human.

So while it’s very difficult to make the perfect attempt, there’s a pretty good chance that Niftski is going to try again. After all, once you’ve started doing it.

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