The Steam Deck will finally be released next month

The Steam Deck will finally be released next month

The Nintendo Switch is an incredibly fine gaming console. It’s a handheld and game console actually in one. And so that’s what the Steam Deck is supposed to do as well.

The Steam Deck is therefore often called the alternative to the Nintendo Switch. Because like the Switch, the Steam Deck is a device that you can use as a handheld, but also can connect to the large television to play the games. And now we finally know when it will be released.

Nintendo Switch alternative Steam Deck coming next month

On February 25, the process of sending out Steam Deck will begin. Actually, the Nintendo Switch alternative was supposed to come out in December. But with many high end products, this computer also suffered from limited chips. And so the release was slightly delayed. Fortunately, the wait is almost over. The people who ordered the product early will be among the first group to get it sent to them. So they will receive an email on the 25th inviting them to complete payment for the computer. So far, a deposit has probably been made. You then have to do that within three days and then the first units will be shipped from February 28.

Nintendo Switch Pro Steam DeckThe Steam Deck (Image: Valve)

After those initial badges, Valve intends to give new people access to the ordering process every week, after which more and more gamers will eventually get the Steam Deck. In addition, the company also let it be known that we will have reviews of the Nintendo Switch alternative coming next month. The various units would be sent out to the press soon and there would then be an embargo on them from February 25. So around that date, we’ll probably get to hear if it’s a worthwhile product. If it is in any way hugely disappointing, you can still cancel the whole thing in time.

Dotting the i’s

Valve’s blog states that they still want to use the upcoming time to iron out the last loose ends of the Steam Deck. Also, the last rough edges of the Nintendo Switch alternative need to be polished. And then it is to be hoped that you can start playing Steam games nicely anywhere in the house.

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