1677386337 The Talents you want to choose first in Hogwarts Legacy

The Talents you want to choose first in Hogwarts Legacy

Since Hogwarts Legacy has been in stores, Harry Potter fans have been entertaining themselves with the ultimate adventure. After all, in addition to a great story and a magisterial world, the game also offers you plenty of handles to completely customize it. That includes Talents.

Talents are additional skills you can select to make your character more your own. Certain spells are more powerful, the Room of Recuirements has more impact, or playing the game in stealth is better. But what are the best options to start your adventure with?

The best Talents in Hogwarts Legacy

Talents are useful skills that can be purchased with special points. You get these points as soon as your character levels up in the game. Not immediately, by the way, but starting from Level 5.

Incidentally, this is also when you receive your first few points so you can give your character the right skills. In this article we focus on those first few points which, as far as we are concerned, you can spend on some useful skills.

There are actually two types of Talents that are worthwhile as far as we are concerned. The first is located in the Core section and is entirely focused on expanding your Spell Wheel. Implementing these improvements directly will give you two sets of four spells, allowing you to, for example, harass enemies faster with a load of powerful spells.

The second component is the efficiency of the Wiggenweld Potion. This is the remedy with which you, during a fight, can regenerate your health. By selecting Wiggenweld Potency I you will regenerate your health faster. A powerful tool for anyone who struggles to survive at the beginning of the game.

Hogwarts Legacy, Harry Potter, TalentsTalents to the max (Image: Portkey Games / Warner Bros.)

Other good choices

It is further good to consider which Talents best suit your style. For example, you can choose more powerful spells in the Spells section, grab Stealth if you like to fly through the game unseen, or choose Room of Requirement tools to lift your productions out of the hidden room.

So be sure to spend your first three Talents expanding the Spell Wheel and Wedgeweld, and then take a good look around to see what best suits your play style.

Personally, I spent one point on Stealth for more invisibility (useful in upcoming missions) and another two points within the Spells section.

Hogwarts Legacy, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Harry PotterTada! (Image: Portkey Games / Warner Bros.)

Our enchanting Hogwarts Legacy guide

Hogwarts Legacy is a delightful game that is easy to learn, but requires some effort to fully master. Fortunately, we are completely immersed in the magical world and can give you quite a hand with that.

For exactly that reason, we have created our complete, and most importantly enchanting, Hogwarts Legacy guide. An organized article full of links to other articles that will help you in the game.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for that one spell, can’t complete a certain mission or run into puzzles: we try to explain it all to you as easily as possible.

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