These 5 Xbox Game Pass titles will be unplayable from tomorrow

1641307093 These 5 Xbox Game Pass titles will be unplayable from

The Xbox Game Pass is a fantastic deal. For £12.99 a month you get access to an arsenal of fantastic titles that you can play almost immediately. Although you do run the risk of your favourite game no longer being available at some point.

While new games are appearing on the popular service every month, unfortunately certain games are also disappearing. With the loss of Destiny 2 earlier this month, it’s now time for another five titles to leave.

Xbox Game Pass: 5 games to disappear

Tomorrow is the last day of the year 2021. A year that will go down in the books as very successful in terms of the Xbox Game Pass. For example, last year gamers received a whopping $6300 worth of games through the popular platform. Something that makes the €12.99 subscription for the Ultimate variant an absolute no-brainer. Even though we’ve also had to say goodbye to a number of great games. So too at the last minute of the year 2021.

eFootball 2022 (Image: Konami)

The following five Xbox Game Pass titles will disappear on December 31, 2021:

eFootball PES 2021 Season Update Standard Edition
Yakuza Kiwami
Yakuza Kiwami 2
PUBG: Battleground
Yakuza O

If you still want to play the above mentioned titles you’ll have to pull an all-nighter, because from tomorrow on they won’t be playable anymore. Of course there will be some new games to replace them. For the year 2022 we expect a lot of new titles on the Xbox Game Pass.

An amazing deal

The Xbox Game Pass is an amazing deal. After a few months of having an Xbox Series S in my house with the subscription, I can hardly live without it. And the beauty of it all? With two new titles, my costs for the year 2021 have already been doubled. So I pay since two months for the service, which is a converted amount of €26. I’ve already received games like Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite in return. Ideal!

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