This gamer is tired of his nerfgun and builds laser.webp

This gamer is tired of his nerfgun and builds laser gun from Fallout

Fallout is known for its wild and cool weapons. But what if you recreated one in real life? This gamer did it.

“It’s Nerf or nothing,” sounds the iconic slogan of the wildly popular toy guns. Who hasn’t had one? Nerfguns were all the more ideal for replaying your favorite video games, should you get tired of the screen for a while.

One gamer took that reenactment very seriously. After playing one of the Fallout games, he thought his boring Nerfgun needed an upgrade. He converted the piece of plastic into a true laser pistol.

This gamer turned his Nerfgun into this iconic weapon from Fallout

The laser gun is one of the iconic weapons from Fallout. Especially since the games let you tinker with the guns an awful lot. You might start with a bland little pistol that has a few lasers coming out of it, and end up with a fully automatic machine gun.

A user on Reddit named L00S3_C4NN0N thought his Nerfgun needed some tinkering too. With quite a bit of paint and new parts, he recreated the iconic laser pistol from Fallout, including energy cells and signs of use.

This gamer is tired of his nerfgun and builds laser gun from FalloutThe gun in Fallout. (image: Bethesda / Steam)

Fans admire the recreated weapon

On Reddit, L00S3_C4NN0N is getting a lot of positive feedback. The creator reveals on Reddit that the laser gun did not turn out quite as he had hoped, but that he is still proud of it.

Some fans even let L00S3_C4NN0N know that they have the exact same Nerfgun and are also going to attempt to turn it into a weapon from Fallout. For others, seeing the weapon is just another reason to start up another Fallout game. We don’t blame them.

Will the laser gun also be seen in the new Fallout series?

It has been known for a while now that Amazon is working on making a series about Fallout. the series should be released this year.

Not too long ago we already got to see the first images from the series. In them we already saw a lot of iconic elements from the games. These included the typical blue jumpsuits and the large mechanical powersuits. So chances are very high that we will get to see the laser gun as well. Whether Amazon also makes their replicas from Nerf remains to be seen.

Amazon Prime will come out with series of this popular game in 2024Fallout is coming to Amazon. (Image: Amazon)

Read why we absolutely cannot wait for Amazon’s Fallout series here:

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