This is how realistic Gran Turismo 7 is real life track

This is how realistic Gran Turismo 7 is: real-life track compared

Should you be in possession of a PlayStation 4 or even a PlayStation 5, you’ll be a lucky gamer during this time. A while ago Horizon Forbidden West was released, which is really cool. And soon you can go wild with Gran Turismo 7.

Gran Turismo 7 is set for March 4 and I’m already playing it myself. That’s all I can say about it. But that it is realistic is what this new video shows.

The realism of Gran Turismo 7

In Gran Turismo 7, it is important for the developer to give the gamer a realistic feeling of racing. You the game you can get started with a lot of normal cars, all of which react differently. You have to think carefully about when to brake and how to turn a corner. As in the older games, it is again possible to tune the cars you have. In this way you make them more suitable to drive. And when you do tear around, you do so in part on tracks that actually exist. The video below shows how Willow Springs Raceway (which is called Big Willow in the game) differs between real life and the game.

The top screen is obviously what the track looks like in Gran Turismo 7. And the bottom video shows professional driver Dai Yoshihara driving on it. The track in real life is a lot dustier and has more places where you can see where cars have braked. But beyond that, it’s really cool to see how well it’s recreated. Trees that you see in real life also show up well in the game.

Waiting a little longer

As mentioned, you’ll just have to wait a little longer. The game will be released on March 4 and can be scored here, among others. Want to read more about the game? Visit our overview page here.