This Marvel game has what Overwatch fans have wanted for

This Marvel game has what Overwatch fans have wanted for years

In Marvel Rivals, you battle your favorite heroes against each other. It looks like Overwatch, yet not quite.

Marvel is cracking down big time with a new online game. It’s one from an unexpected quarter, the hero shooter You know, the one genre that really only Overwatch 2 is left of. A few years back, new multiplayer games like this appeared almost daily.

Then came the next game hype, battle royale games, and virtually all hero shooters but Overwatch disappeared. Now suddenly there is Marvel Rivals. Online, some are calling the game the clone of Overwatch. Not entirely justified, because Marvel Rivals has something fans have been begging for for years.

Marvel Rivals looks like Overwatch with superheroes

The concept of the hero shooter is pretty easy to understand. Two teams of about six players battle each other to complete a variety of objectives. From defending a special point to escorting important cargo. Each player has a choice of hero, who in turn is useful in combat in his or her own way. Teamwork is essential to win.

Whereas in Overwatch you have iconic heroes like Genji, Reinhardt and Mercy, in Marvel Rivals you play as Spider-Man, Doctor Strange and the Hulk. Yet the game is very similar to Overwatch. Can it be called plagiarism? Not really. That’s like comparing Call of Duty to Battlefield because in both games you shoot each other.

This Marvel game has what fans of Overwatch have wanted for years (Image: Blizzard)

Marvel Rivals does some things completely different

Each superhero, of course, brings his power to the battlefield. For example, the Hulk knocks down enemies, Spider-Man quickly swings in and out of a fight and Doctor Strange provides portals to quickly teleport teammates to safety.

There’s a big difference right there with Overwatch: the heroes are much more mobile. With Spider-Man, you literally swing in all directions, and Iron-Man can constantly remain airborne. Sure, in Overwatch you also have flying characters like Echo and Pharah, but these heroes float more. They have to hit the ground at some point. The heroes in Marvel Rivals don’t have to.

This Marvel game has what fans of Overwatch have wanted for years (image: Marvel)

Marvel Rivals gets away with this Overwatch idea

Every so often a new hero appears in Overwatch. For that, quite a few ideas are created. From a hamster in a robot ball to a cyborg ninja. One idea Overwatch once had was that of a feline character with a jetpack. For some reason, that particular hero never materialized, much to the disappointment of fans.

Would Marvel have a character that would fit this description? Yes indeed: Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy. In Marvel Rivals, this iconic, explosive raccoon has a hefty rifle as well as a jetpack. Exactly what Overwatch fans have wanted for years. Overwatch 2 is a lot less popular due to a whole series of blunders. We hope Marvel Rivals continues to serve its fans in a decent way.

This Marvel game has what Overwatch fans have wanted for years (image: Marvel)

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