1717946252 This simple PlayStation 5 tip will help the battery in

This simple PlayStation 5 tip will help the battery in your controller last longer

It’s never nice when your controller goes dead while gaming, luckily there’s a PlayStation 5 tip that will make your controller last longer.

It’s been a while since we switched to wireless controllers for gaming. These wireless controllers have many advantages, such as extra room to move around and the lack of knots in your cord. But not everything is a positive.

The biggest problem with wireless controllers is that they run down, of course they are not constantly plugged in. Although recharging or getting new batteries is not a big problem, it can be irritating when it happens in the middle of your gaming session. Fortunately, there is a way for PlayStation 5 gamers to greatly improve the battery life of their controllers.

Long life (for) the PlayStation controller

There are a fair number of people who report that their PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers go dead fairly quickly, which is obviously not ideal. Fortunately, a Reddit user named ColdFireFusion001 has the perfect solution to this problem, and it’s super simple.

If you go to your PlayStation 5’s settings, you can turn off your controller’s microphone and speaker. This will make your controller last about 50% longer. Of course, it goes without saying that you won’t be able to use these features then. You will still have sound on your screen, but not from your controller. It also means that the microphone of your headset does not work. So it is not very convenient if you play together with friends.

This simple PlayStation tip will make your controller battery last a lot longerPlayStation 5 controller (Image: Kamil S / Unsplash)

You can also still throw down the brightness of the light in your controller and lower the vibration. These changes don’t have an extreme impact on battery life, but it can still add that extra hour. You never know when it might come in handy.

Wireless wiring

If you don’t like this solution now, there’s always another live hack for your PlayStation 5 controller, but not everyone will find this tip equally useful. Even though your controller is wireless, you can still keep it constantly on the charger with a cord. This can be to your PlayStation 5, or it can be to a power bank.


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If you have a small power bank you can always choose to attach your controller to this. Then you won’t be stuck with your PlayStation 5 sitting across the room, but the controller will still last a little longer. But as mentioned earlier, this tip is not for everyone. If you can’t stand the wire, I would skip this tip.

Every advantage has its disadvantage, that’s how it works with wireless controllers and even this tip. It’s then just a choice of what you prefer; a wireless controller that goes blank or a controller that is wired but doesn’t go blank. Now, if you game alone a lot, you can always try this PlayStation 5 tip.

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