This trick will get you Horizon Forbidden West cheaper

This trick will get you Horizon Forbidden West cheaper

Horizon Forbidden West is without a doubt the game of February. Starting next Friday, people with a PlayStation can enjoy the second part in the Horizon franchise. However, people with a PlayStation 5 may have to be very patient and not buy the game right away.

There is a handy way for you to get Horizon Forbidden West at a €10 discount. The article doesn’t get any more Dutch than this, but who cares!

Horizon Forbidden West for PlayStation 5

‘Little kids who ask are skipped,’ my mother used to say. Where I used to fully believe in that, there is little evidence of that these days. Sony previously announced people with a PlayStation 4 version of Horizon Forbidden West could not upgrade the game to the PlayStation 5 for free. Only when the company got a lot of negative reactions to that and kids actually decided to ask the company for something, they were all but passed over. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan let the following be known in a blog on the company’s website:

“Players who purchase Horizon Forbidden West for the PlayStation 4 will be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version for free.”

It was very unclear for a while how exactly this would work, but on Sony’s website today it becomes clear. You can get the game to your PlayStation 5 for €69.99 instead of €79.99.

Here’s how to make it cheaper

So those who want Horizon Forbidden West on the PlayStation 5, this time do not buy the PS5 version of the game. This one will cost you €79.99 where the PS4 version will cost you €69.99. Since Sony has provided the exclusive with a free upgrade, you pay €10 less for the game than if you buy the PS5 version directly. Why leave it at that?

As much as I’d like to: unfortunately, I’m not the person who invented this trick. The folks at the American tech website The Verge came up with this trick earlier. Credit where credit is due, then. The only thing we have done for WANT is to see if this also applies in the Netherlands and exactly how much it would save you.