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Why God of War Ragnarok is the PlayStation 5 game for your collection

The embargo is off, the world can go wild. Since last night, reviews of God of War Ragnarok have been flying around your ears. Not surprisingly, because after we played the game ourselves, it became clear pretty quickly that this is surely a must-have for your PlayStation 5 collection.

What exactly do the critics think of the game, what grades does it get and how did WANT editor Mark Hofman experience God of War Ragnarok himself? You can read about it in this article!

God of War Ragnarok: the game for your PlayStation 5

Let’s get right to the point: the world is praising God of War Ragnarok. On Metacritic, the title for the PlayStation 5 has an average score of 94 coming from 117 different reviews.

Game Informer, for example, thinks that the sequel met all expectations, which were high after the 2018 title, with ease. The international website gives the game a score of a whopping 95.

God of War Ragnarok, PlayStation 5(Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Although it certainly doesn’t stop there, as there are also numerous great titles that give God of War Ragnarok the ultimate score of 100. And that certainly does not include the smallest of guys:

Trusted Reviews
Game Rant
Gaming Bolt

And a whole lot more.

The Dutch press

Even in the Netherlands, there are plenty of platforms that are incredibly positive about God of War Ragnarok. Gamer even calls the game God of War, but in the best possible way. As a result, the game receives a score of 90 from the title.

“Human story of Mythical proportions,” says RTL News. “Heroic as a video game,” says Power Unlimited and Eurogamer calls the game “thunderously good.”

God of War Ragnarok, PlayStation 5(Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

What do we think of God of War Ragnarok ourselves?

Fortunately, this past week I was able to go wild with God of War Ragnarok myself. A game that I was really able to enjoy playing very much. Therefore, it will surprise few people that I can completely agree with the praise of other titles as well.

The PlayStation 5 game really looks fantastic. The switching between cutscenes and gameplay are incredibly smooth, the story is gripping from minute one, and God of War Ragnarok carries with it a snappy open-mouth guarantee.

The powerful thing about this game is that brutal violence and rock-hard moments are offset by quiet and emotional pieces. All in all, then, Ragnarok is more than just a rock-hard action game, but is also a game that carries with it a wonderful story.

As such, I can hardly say that anyone with a PlayStation 5 in their home will have a great time with the title. In fact, it is a rock-solid must-have

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