Why the new Xbox Series X update is going to

Why the new Xbox Series X update is going to save you big money

The Xbox Series X is a beautiful console that delivers top performance. Of course, the purchase price is not a bargain at 499 euros, but you get a powerful machine in return. Now that one also saves you money.

If you want to play the latest games in top quality, but don’t want to buy an expensive gaming PC, the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 are the best choice. Because they need to deliver hefty performance, these machines naturally consume quite a bit of energy. Something that can obviously add up considerably with today’s energy prices.

Xbox Series X gets more energy efficient and so you save money

Still, it can now be cheaper again, which is good news for your wallet. This is not only due to energy prices dropping. Your Xbox Series X also becomes considerably more energy efficient. So that’s good for yourself and the environment.

Xbox Series XXbox Series X (Image: Billy Freeman / Unsplash)

The update that will make your console more energy efficient will go by the name Carbon Aware. It gives you several options to become more energy efficient. Microsoft claims it makes the game console twenty times more efficient.

Perhaps the best example of this is the difference in sleep mode. While the Xbox still consumed about 10 to 15W during that feature before the update, after the update it is only 0.5 W. Meanwhile, you can continue to download your games while in mode. So that saves money, too.

Even more ways to keep money in your pocket

By the way, this is not the only way Microsoft wants to save energy and thus money for Xbox users.

These updates are part of Microsoft’s special program through which it wants to build a sustainable future for gaming. The company announced this a year ago, but now it is actually a reality.

With that money, of course, you can do other things. Do you choose to save or instead buy a new Xbox game for it? If it’s up to us, we do know which should be the latter.

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