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Why the PSVR2 is good news for anyone who wants a PlayStation 5

Sony has good news for anyone trying to buy a PlayStation 5. The Japanese company will soon release the PSVR2, and that comes with its advantages.

In fact, the launch of the new product significantly increases the PlayStation 5 inventory. Ideal for anyone who has been trying to get their hands on a console for ages.

PlayStation 5 more readily available from now on

Sony has had its fair share of trouble with the introduction of the PlayStation 5. In fact, the long-awaited console was incredibly poorly available from the beginning. We will leave the reasons and excuses behind this annoying situation for a moment. In any case, the point is that the situation has improved.

“It is, for everyone worldwide who wants it, easier to buy a PlayStation 5,” Sony’s VP of Brand Isabella Tomatis told The Verge. Among other things, the Japanese company itself refers to its Direct Store in the Netherlands and Belgium. There, a number of bundles are available with both the digital and disc versions of the PlayStation 5.

It’s now easy to buy a PlayStation 5 worldwide

While we’d love to see it, this is obviously not charity from Sony. The Japanese company is getting ready to launch PSVR2. Well, and it would be convenient if most people are equipped with a PlayStation 5 by then. So comes as no surprise that the delivery problems are now behind us.

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PSVR2 will be giant upgrade

The PSVR2, also known as PlayStation VR 2, is Sony’s next-generation VR headset. The Japanese company is launching this product on Feb. 22 and it will then go on sale for the price of 599 euros.

The headset is a massive upgrade over its 2016 predecessor. For example, it features an OLED screen, a field of view of 110 degrees as well as 4K HDR support. In addition, it is possible for gamers to fully enjoy smooth movements using the refresh rate of 120Hz.

For more information, check out PlayStation’s own website!

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