1715698015 Why you can game better with PC than a console

Why you can game better with PC than a console

There has been a battle between console and PC gamers for years. But here are the reasons why you might be better off gaming on a PC.

There is a lot of rivalry in the gaming world. One of the best-known examples is the long-standing battle between Xbox and PlayStation; they are now decades-old rivals. Yet there may be one enemy the consoles face together.

The biggest enemy of the consoles is the gaming PC. There are many discussions on the Internet about what gives a better gaming experience. But we are going to try to clarify this conflict a bit and give here a few reasons why a PC offers the ultimate gaming experience.

PC vs Consoles

Arguments can be made for both choices, but this why a PC might be better.

Graphics & performance

In general, PCs have better graphics and perform better than a console. Because you can assemble a PC yourself, you can also change certain components for better performance.

For example, you can add an excellent video card to slightly enhance your gaming experience. Good graphics and powerful performance are one of the most important things while gaming, it makes everything much smoother and more enjoyable.

Many more gaming options

Another big advantage with gaming on PC is that you have extremely many gaming options, much more than console. For example, like Xbox and PlayStation, there are exclusive games and you can also play most indie games only on the computer.

In addition, you can also play many old games only on PC that are no longer available on consoles. Finally, on the PC you can also install things like mods that allow you to greatly expand certain solo games and make them a little more fun. Who doesn’t want more games to play.

Multiplayer experience

You can play multiplayer games on both console and PC. Some games of these are cross-platform, but by no means always. Even if you and your friend then both have a console, sometimes you still can’t play together since one has a PlayStation and the other has an Xbox.

Also, on PC you can connect to servers for certain games and communities more easily. Of course, as a PC gamer with multiple games, you can also play together with friends who only have consle. Overall, you have a lot more options for multiplayer gaming, and gaming is mega fun with friends.


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Multifunctional PC

Besides being very good and easy to play games on a PC, that is by no means the only thing a PC is good for. You can also just use a computer for things like school, work and aimlessly surfing the Internet. In addition, you can also connect a controller to your computer if you like gaming more.

This multi-functionality is missing from consoles. Of course you get a console also for gaming, but the added value of a multifunctional PC is always nice anyway, then you don’t have to get a laptop with it when you work at home.


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Of course, there are also advantages to a console that compared to a PC. If you want to know those, read the article below especially.

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