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Why you won’t see a Nintendo Switch Pro (for now)

There have been rumors about a Nintendo Switch Pro for a very long time. An improved version of the console really doesn’t seem to be coming (for now) if this source is to be believed.

The Nintendo Switch will be six years old next year. The console saw the light of day on March 3, 2017, and is still wildly popular. Time for a big update you would say, but it just doesn’t seem to be coming. Where does that leave the Pro version?

From Nintendo Switch OLED to Pro?

Last year, Nintendo came out with the Switch OLED. Although it is an improvement on the original console, the new features were not as great as hoped. The only really big change is the screen which is now an OLED.

Gamers had actually hoped for more. For years there have been rumors about a Pro version of the console. This should get a better chip and therefore be faster and have a higher resolution. With the passage of time, the question arises whether it will really come.

Digital Foundry’s podcast now seems to have an answer to that. The medium was the first to report details of the Nintendo Switch such as the chip and speeds of the device prior to release. So it has good sources in Japan.

Nintendo Switch OLEDTime for a new Nintendo Switch? (Image: Nintendo )

Fear of releasing a new console

The Medium now says a Pro version is not coming because Nintendo is afraid it won’t sell well. It has a Gamecube and Wii-U situation in mind. Although they were fun devices, sales were disappointing. Therefore, it also seems that only every second-generation Nintendo really sells well.

Something that also seems to hint at it, according to the medium, is the possible release of Genshin Impact. The popular game on cell phones would also get its own Nintendo Switch version. It was proudly announced in 2021, but since then it has been dead quiet around the project. The developer would not confirm if that game has been canceled.

Possibly this has to do with a console cancellation, which could mean that the game might not run as well.

Is the Nintendo Switch Pro still coming?

The big question is when we can finally expect a new console from the company. Whether this will be a Nintendo Switch Pro, or an all-new one is now only speculation. According to the Medium, it won’t come out in 2023 anyway.