Why your Xbox settings may be completely wrong

Why your Xbox settings may be completely wrong

If you have an Xbox Series S/X, all your settings might be completely wrong. But here’s a solution.

The first thing most people do when they have finally saved up enough money for a new console is of course to start playing games right away. Well, after installing all the necessities of course.

Even though this is very understandable, there is actually something else you should start with when you have a new Xbox. You can benefit greatly from looking at your console’s settings, as this can greatly improve your gaming experiences.

Your TV and Xbox are related

Even though playing games is why you get an Xbox, going to the settings is a helpful first step to take, according to a Reddit user named IRed6ial. But it’s even more important to first get to know the TV your console is connected to. Because your Xbox may be very good, but your TV is the screen on which everything will play out.

It varies by TV how you can see its specs, but often there is a “guide” button that will send you to this screen. If you don’t know much about specs, all the words that are then shown probably won’t tell you much. But try to write down or look up some things you don’t understand. It is especially important that the settings of your TV and Xbox match as much as possible.

Why your Xbox settings may be completely wrong (Image: Cotton Bro/Pexels)

Console settings

Then it is now time to go to your Xbox’s settings. You follow this roadmap:

First you go to Settings and general

Then press tv and display

You can calibrate the HDR, set it to 4K

Also increase the refresh rates

Doing these things will give you the best graphics for your Xbox

It is also recommended that you spend some time poking around in your settings. There are all sorts of little things you can adjust to improve your gaming experiences. For example, you can turn off or lower the light on your Xbox controller, and you can also make sure you can download games while your console is off.


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These are all little things that might be useful to know anyway. There are many other things in your settings that you can adjust to better suit your preferences. So I would say, rummage around your Xbox settings again if you have time.

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