1644949312 Wow Horizon Forbidden West available at discounted prices now

Wow: Horizon Forbidden West available at discounted prices now

In case you missed it: yesterday the embargo on the reviews of Horizon Forbidden West expired. We were, just like basically the rest of the world, enormously enthusiastic about it.

You can read the review of Horizon Forbidden West here. As far as we are concerned this is really a big must have. On February 18, the game comes out. And now you can score the game with a nice discount.

Horizon Forbidden West at a discount

Normally, you often pay between 60 and 70 euros for new games. And if you then want to buy games for the PlayStation 5, you often pay a dozen more. Fortunately, with Horizon Forbidden West you can use a handy trick. If you buy the PlayStation 4 version of the game, you can upgrade it to the PlayStation 5 version for free. We wrote about that before and you can read back here. And now there’s another way to score it cheaper.

Horizon Forbidden WestA celebration on the PS5 (Image: Guerrilla Games)

Because at MediaMarkt right now are the so-called MegaDeals. Then you can score certain products at a discount. That is always a good thing. Although the game is not yet out, it is already available at a discount. Normally you pay 64.99 euros for the game, but now you get a ten percent discount. That’s not a lot, of course, but it is different if you want to play Horizon Forbidden West for the PlayStation 5. The game costs 79.99 euros on the PlayStation Store itself. So if you buy this PlayStation 4 version now and upgrade it to the version for the PS5, you save 25 euros at the end of the line. And that’s a whole different set of amounts.

Fine discount

In this way you can keep money to buy a new game soon. For example, Gran Turismo 7, which comes out in a month and also seems to be worth a lot.