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Xbox Series X and Series S finally do normal with headphones

It’s almost hard to believe it’s taken this long, but the Xbox Series X and Series S have adopted a fantastic PlayStation 5 feature. Delightful!

This is a feature that the PlayStation 4, thankfully, already had. An option that allows gamers who want to be completely immersed in their own game, or just want to play in peace, to take one less step.

Xbox Series X and Series S finally acting normal

It may sound a little crazy, but indeed: the Xbox Series X and Series S are finally doing normal. The two consoles from Microsoft do things just a little differently than predecessors. This has also taken a while with these consoles. It is now possible to plug in your headphones and play immediately.

“Oh, but wasn’t that already possible then?” Well, in a way it was. People with an Xbox Series S or Series X could certainly plug in their headphones and enjoy gaming. But then the people around them could really enjoy themselves. It was not the case that the television that was connected to the system went silent immediately. As a gamer, you first had to do that manually.

PlayStation 5 controllerPlayStation 5 controller (Image: Kamil S / Unsplash)

It’s a problem that people with a PlayStation 5 and even people with a PlayStation 4 don’t know about. Simply, because this has just been working with Sony’s console for about eight years.

PlayStation 5 feature won’t come naturally

So it is possible to finally use this PlayStation 5 feature with your Xbox Series X/S. Although you still have to set it up yourself. It would be crazy if it would just work, right?

To activate the PlayStation 5 feature on your Xbox Series X or Series S, follow these steps:

Go to Settings
Select Volume and Audio Output
Under Advanced go to Additional Options
Select the Mute speaker audio when headset is connected feature

Every time you connect headphones now, the sound from your television will be instantly silenced.

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