Your new PlayStation 5 is the key to a year

Your new PlayStation 5 is the key to a year of free Netflix

There are all kinds of great deals on the PlayStation Store again. For example, you can get a year of free Netflix with the purchase of a PlayStation 5.

PlayStation is sprinkling deals on their website. These offers vary from video games, to consoles and even different subscriptions. But the best offer has to do with the streaming service Netflix.

You can now get a free Netflix subscription with the purchase of several PlayStation 5 consoles. But for this you also need a PS Plus subscription, fortunately PlayStation has offers for everything.

Year of free Netflix with your PlayStation 5

On the PlayStation website, you can now get a year of free Netflix Premium with a purchase of a PlayStation 5 console or a VR2. The offer only applies to PS Plus members. There are a few things you need to do to get free Netflix for a year.

PlayStation 5 and VR2 discount

First, you must purchase a PlayStation 5 or VR2 to receive the year of free Netflix. It is important to note that you must buy them through the official website. You can find the consoles cheaper on other websites, but fortunately the PS5 and VR2 are also on sale on the PlayStation website.

Sony gives you a year of free Netflix with the purchase of a PlayStation 5 (Image: Sony)

Where you normally spend 549.99 euros for a PlayStation 5 on the official site, you now pay only 499.99. The digital version is also cheaper, normally costing 449.99 euros, but now 399.99 euros. Finally, the VR2 is also on sale, here you normally pay 599.99 euros and now 100 euros less; 499.99 euros. Furthermore, the consoles with more controllers are also on sale.

PS Plus subscription

To qualify for the year of free Netflix, you must have a PlayStation Plus subscription in addition to a PlayStation 5. But not to worry, because those subscriptions are on sale as well. There is only a discount on annual subscriptions, though.

PS Plus Essential is the cheapest subscription. It now costs for a year not 71.99 euros, but 57.59 euros. This is 20% cheaper.

PS Plus Extra is the middle subscription. For one year, it now costs not 125.99 euros, but 94.49 euros. This is 25% cheaper than normal.

Sony gives you a year of free Netflix with the purchase of a PlayStation 5Thank you PlayStation! (Image: Netflix)

PS Plus Premium is the most expensive subscription, but with the most extras. For a year, it now costs not 151.99 euros, but 106.39 euros. This subscription for your PlayStation 5 has the most discount: namely 30%.

Netflix Premium

If you’ve taken advantage of all these offers now, you’re finally entitled to your year of free Netflix Premium, but how does it really differ from other subscriptions? And just how much will PlayStation save you with this year of free?

Netflix subscriptions

You have three different subscriptions on Netflix; Basic, Standard and Premium. And besides price, the subscriptions have some differences. But they all participate in the PlayStation 5 deal.

Netflix Basic is the cheapest subscription, for which you pay $7.99 a month. With Basic, you can only watch on one screen at a time. This subscription is useful if you live alone or want to explore the streaming service.


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Netflix Standard is the intermediate subscription, for which you pay 11.99 euros per month. With Standard you can watch on two screens at the same time. This subscription is useful for people who live with someone, then you don’t have to fight for the screen.

Netflix Premium is the most expensive subscription and for this you pay 15.99 a month. This is the subscription you get for free with PlayStation. With Premium, you can watch on four screens at the same time. Furthermore, Premium also has better picture and sound quality.

What will you save?

So Netflix Premium costs $15.99 a month. So if you get a free year it means you save 15.99 euros for 12 months. In a year, this adds up to 191.88 euros that you don’t have to pay for Netflix.

Of course, you do spend a fair amount of money on your PlayStation and PS Plus subscription. But if you wanted a PlayStation 5 and Netflix anyway, there’s no better time than now.

In addition to these deals, there are also an awful lot of games on sale on the PlayStation website. These are ideal deals if you want to get a digital game at a cheaper price. The offers run for a limited time.

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