Your Samsung television will soon be the alternative to a

Your Samsung television will soon be the alternative to a game console

The Consumer Electronic Show 2022 (CES 2022) is about to begin. While many companies are letting people know what they’re up to starting today, Samsung is already coming out with a big preview.

The South Korean company announces exactly what it will be doing during CES 2022. For example, it is announced that your Samsung television could soon become the alternative to the game console.

Samsung televisions support game services

Certain Samsung televisions, such as the new models coming out this year, will come with two new game services. Starting this year, both Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now will be usable on the devices. This makes your Smart TV the ideal alternative to a console. Besides those first two services, Utomik, a fairly unknown one, will also be added to the Gaming Hub.

Samsung Google StagesThe new Gaming Hub (Image: Samsung)

Not a whole lot is known about the development at this point. All we know is that the applications are actually coming to Samsung’s televisions. Whether Google Stadia also offers 4K support, for example, is not yet known. With Nvidia GeForce Now, that’s a little more estimable, considering the app only offers resolution to Shield TV.

A new Gaming Hub

Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce Now and Utomik will become part of the Samsung Gaming Hub. The platform, on the company’s televisions, should allow fans to easily discover new games. At the moment, the three services are connected to it, but according to Samsung, more will be added soon. It has not been officially announced, but you can think of Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now.

Besides services like Google Stadia the Samsung televisions will of course also support physical consoles. What is new is that the controllers of these consoles will eventually also be usable on the cloud services. As a gamer you are not forced to buy a brand new controller, but you can just use your old familiar gear.