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5 things you want to know about Apple Music Classical on your iPhone

Yesterday, Apple announced that they are coming out with a brand new app for classical music this month: Apple Music Classical. The iPhone app should offer the largest collection of classical music.

With over five million classical songs on the app, new and old, the app therefore offers very specific search features. But this is not simply Apple Music with classical music. There are a number of features just for this app.

This is Apple Music Classical

Of course you’re curious what Apple has to offer with Music Classical. Check out the five points below.

#1 More information while listening

On the “Now Playing” screen of the app, you can see quite a bit of additional information. You can select this option when seeing the lyrics of a piece, giving you a very detailed explanation of the song.

Apple Music Classical, iPhoneThe interface. (Image: Apple)

Certain works and composers will also have biographies. Where all this information will appear is not yet known.

#2 Apple Music Classical on your iPhone

In case you really want to listen to classical music on your iPad or MacBook, we have bad news. For now, Apple Music Classical is only available on the iPhone. There is no word yet on a version for other Apple devices. On the other hand, a version on Android will also appear sometime in the future.

#3 No classic radio

The classical music app does not have a tab for listening to classical music radio stations. Whether Apple Music’s classical radio stations will be added on the iPhone app is also not yet known.

#4 New UI on iPhone

Apple Music Classical’s iPhone app will not be a major change for users of the normal app, although the application has a slightly simpler design. Instead of displaying the colors of the album on the “Now Playing” screen, this will be only black or white in the Classical app.

Primephonic logo, Apple Music Classical, iPhoneThe basics of the new streaming service. (Image: Primephonic)

#5 The source of inspiration

Apple Music Classical is based on Primephonic, a classical music streaming service purchased by Apple in 2021. As such, the new iPhone app uses the content, search features and more from Primephonic.

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