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5 wondrous iOS 17 features likely coming to your iPhone

We are eagerly awaiting WWDC 23 in June. There we will see for the first time what iOS 17 has in store for us. What can we expect to see on our iPhones?

WWDC is one of the events nerds like us look forward to the most. During Apple’s conference, we will see what we can expect from iOS 17, your iPhone’s operating system.

iOS 17 brings these features to your iPhone

But what exactly can you expect from iOS 17? We list five features you’ll see appear on your iPhone starting this fall. Here they come:

#1 App Store alternatives

Want to put an app on your iPhone? Then right now you have to go to Apple’s App Store, but that’s about to change. The European Union thinks this is a monopoly and wants other providers to have access to the iPhone. So we may see an Xbox App Store and the Epic Game Store.

To accommodate that, Apple needs to make changes to its operating system. So the company is already working on getting iOS 17 ready for it. Want to know more about that? Then read this article by my colleague Mark.

#2 Dynamic Island

The Dynamic Island was one of the new features of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. In September, the feature will also come to the regular iPhone 15 models. Thus, all new devices will have the ideal selfie camera camouflage.

Dynamic Island, iPhone 14 Pro Samsung AppleDynamic Island (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

Because the feature has only been new for a year, it is naturally expected that Apple will come up with some new features. Right now, the features are still quite limited such as incoming phone calls and sports scores.

Possibly Apple is going to open up this part of the iPhone more to other developers in iOS 17 so that they too can make better use of it. If so, the Dynamic Island will be an entirely tropical surprise. Apple itself wants to make Siri more accessible through the special notch.

#3 Active Widgets

Widgets have been a part of the iPhone since iOS 14. For example, you have on-screen custom tiles that allow you to see more of an app. Think about displaying the weather or the songs you listen to on Spotify.

Despite being almost three years old, the widgets’ capabilities are still somewhat limited. For example, they have no interactive elements such as a scroll function or a switch. This is possibly going to change in iOS 17, an anonymous source previously reported. As a result, you will have more options.

iPhone with battery widget AirPodsWidgets on your iPhone. (Image: Omid Armin / Unsplash)

#4 A new control panel on your iPhone

The iPhone’s control panel is a handy overview to quickly access various features such as your alarm clock and flashlight. Apple hasn’t touched this part in six years, but iOS 17 is really going to do that if rumors are to be believed.

What exactly will be different, we unfortunately don’t know yet. We expect the feature to get a new look and more manual customization of what you want and don’t want to see.

#5 Improved search features through iOS 17

Apple has been working hard in recent years to improve search features on the iPhone and according to rumors. Consider your photos, for example. For example, you type the word “dog” into the search bar and immediately you see all the photos of your favorite four-legged friend.

Although AI makes this possible, however, we needn’t expect Apple to come up with a ChatGPT variant in iOS 17. The innovations will be a bit smaller, but again they will help you find information even more easily. Something really needed, for example, in the search function for the Settings app.

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