1660340773 A month later and the M2 MacBook Air is still

A month later and the M2 MacBook Air is still poorly available

The M2 MacBook Air is in high demand, but it’s not as if many people already have the new laptop in their homes. A month after it appeared, Apple is still struggling to keep up with orders.

With the M2 MacBook Air, Apple opted for a rigorous change. Not only does the MacBook Air now look different in appearance than the previous models, the price has also gone up considerably. The entry-level model with the M1 chip used to cost €1,199, now it costs €1,519 for the version with the M2 chip.

The M2 MacBook Air is hard to come by

But that significantly higher price is not stopping people from purchasing the M2 MacBook Air. They are flying over the counter like hot cakes. We are now almost a month after the launch and there is still a considerable waiting time for the laptop.

In the Netherlands you also have to wait for the M2 MacBook Air. If you order it through Apple’s site, it will be delivered somewhere between August 22 and 29. If you pay extra you can get it two days earlier. So it will take an average of 2 weeks to get it.

So we see a similar trend worldwide. In the United States it’s even a tad worse. There the waiting time is now three weeks.

M2 MacBook AirThe Notch on the Air (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

Problems in the supply chain

Yet it is not just the popularity of the M2 MacBook Air that is a reason for the delays. It is, of course, mostly due to supply chain problems in recent months. The slightly older Macs don’t have those problems, as they are still available as usual. The only ones besides the Air that do have a wait are the Mac Studio with the highest specs and the 24-inch iMac with M1 chip.

Apple previously saw the shortages in its models reflected in the numbers. In Apple’s third quarter this year, revenue from the Mac branch declined by $900 million to $7.3 billion.

Want to know if the new M2 MacBook Air is for you? Raymon has tested it extensively. You can read his review below:

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