AirTag battery icon disappeared from Find My app

AirTag battery icon disappeared from Find My app

In beta version 15.6 of iOS, something special is going on. The AirTag battery icon seems to have disappeared.

Do you have AirTags? Then the Find My app is no stranger to you. In it, you can see exactly where they are located. It’s also where you can see how much battery the gadget has left. At least until now, because it seems to be disappearing.

The AirTag

The AirTag has been talked about for years, but it wasn’t until last year that they first appeared on the market. It is, of course, a handy invention, since you can find your stuff anywhere. By means of your or someone else’s iPhone connecting to the gadget, you can locate your belongings. Think, for example, of a suitcase in which you have put an AirTag.

There is, of course, a condition. The battery of the AirTag must not be empty. That’s why the Find My app is ideal. Not only can you see where your AirTag is, you can also see how much battery you have left for the gadget. If you need to replace the battery, the icon turns red. In beta version 15.6 this has now disappeared, reports iCulture.

Apple Air Tag 3The Apple AirTag. (Image: Apple / Screenshot)

Still notifications

Still, you don’t have to be completely afraid that you won’t know if your AirTag is dead. If the battery is low, you will get a notification on your phone. In addition, a text will also appear under your AirTag in the Find My app Why Apple is doing this exactly is unknown.

It does seem to be a deliberate action, as the feature (unlike before) is no longer mentioned in the support documents. In addition, the icon also disappeared in the beta of iOS 16. Still, the move is not entirely new. Apple previously did the same thing with the Apple Watch.

As mentioned, the reason is unknown. Perhaps it has to do with previous problems with the battery icon. Sometimes this information was not displayed correctly.

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