Amazon Prime Day 2023: the best Philips Hue deals you can score

The best Philips Hue deals during Amazon Prime Day

If you’re looking for smart lighting, you pretty much end up with Philips Hue. It’s too easy to pair with your Apple devices and it all works very smoothly too. During Amazon Prime Day, the bulbs are considerably cheaper.

When you want to turn your home into a smart home, you often start first with Philips Hue. Because you can adjust the lights exactly the way you want, you turn your home into an atmospheric palace. If you really want to make strides, Amazon Prime Day is the ideal time to start or just expand your set. The online store has several lamps on sale.

Radiant Philips Hue offers during Amazon Prime Day

But what really are the Philips Hue deals you should look out for? We list a few for you.

#1 Philips Hue Starter kit

Amazon Prime Day 2023 the best Philips Hue deals youThe Starter Kit (Image: Signify)

Well, of course you have to start somewhere if you want to get started with Philips Hue. Therefore, the starter kit is the ideal starting point. With this special set you get two bulbs, a smartbutton and the Hue Bridge.

Especially the latter is important because you connect all the bulbs with it. It’s basically the brain of smart lighting. In total, you connect up to 50 lamps and accessories via the Bridge.

This starter kit normally costs you 149.99 euros. A hefty price that might make you hesitate to start with smart lighting. During Amazon Prime Day, the Philips Hue kit is much cheaper. Now you pay only 114.95 euros to get started.

#2 White & Color ambiance 4-pack

1689156048 895 Amazon Prime Day 2023 the best Philips Hue deals youBring more color into your home. (Image: Signify)

Do you already have the starter set and want to expand your set further? Then of course the most obvious thing to do is to start with individual bulbs. During Amazon Prime Day, you can now score four bulbs that can emit an awful lot of colors at an extra low price.

To be exact, there are 16 million of them. You control it all via the special Philips Hue app, but of course you can also just pair them with your iPhone. Normally, a 4-pack is not very cheap, as you pay 199.99 euros for it. During Amazon Prime Day, the entire pack now costs 139.50 euros. So that’s a 30 percent discount.

If you need smart bulbs that emit only white light, you’re even cheaper. Normally such a 4-pack costs 99.99 euros, but now you have them for 71.40 euros.

#3 Philips Hue Signe During Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2023 the best Philips Hue deals youThe floor lamp. (Image: Signify)

If you really want to make a splash in your home with your Philips Hue lighting, then of course you can buy special lighting. Amazon really has a super deal during Prime Day. You now pay much less for the Signe floor lamp. It has a suggested retail price of $299.99, but now costs $161.99.

Think a floor lamp is a little too big? The Signe table lamp is also on sale during Amazon Prime Day. It normally has a suggested retail price of 189.99 euros, but now you can get it for 97.50 euros.

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