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App Store Pearls: AllTrails is the app for the true adventurer

The editors of One More Thing fly across the Internet daily to bring you the best apps on the App Store. Ideal for your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV. Today OMT editor Jeroen Kraak tells you all about AllTrails: the app for real adventurers.

There are hundreds and maybe even thousands of apps in the App Store that help you exercise and exercise. The best known is without a doubt Strava, which allows you to map your running, swimming and cycling sessions all together. Yet that app is not optimal in all situations. For the real adventurer, there is AllTrails.

AllTrails in the App Store

Strava, of course, is especially useful if you run or cycle on familiar roads. With AllTrails you can explore the more unknown trails. It is therefore an app mainly used by hikers, mountain bikers, climbers and winter sports enthusiasts.

Indeed, in this App Store Pearl you will find all different routes created by the community. So you can easily find that one hike you never thought about before, but also, for example, the trail of the third day of the Four Days Marches. Other members can also rate the trail and add photos. There is therefore something for everyone.

App Store Pearls AllTrails is the app for the trueGo on an adventure with your backpack and this App Store Pearl. (Image: Pexels/Yogendra Singh)

In the home screen of AllTrails, the first thing you see is the routes that are close to your location. Do you have vacation plans, or want to go somewhere else for the weekend? Then of course you can easily search for another location in the menu. By selecting whether it’s easy, medium or difficult and adding mileage, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with this App Store Pearl.

Different trails of all shapes and sizes

You can easily select what kind of trail you want to do, whether you are rowing, cross-country skiing or horseback riding in nature. You can even find good fishing and bird watching spots through the app. If you want to become one with nature then you would do well to download AllTrails from the App Store.

AllTrails is free in the App Store, but the app also has some paid features. These allow you to use the maps offline as well. Handy, of course, if you really go out into nature where there is little or no coverage with your phone. Such a subscription will cost you 29.99 euros per month. You download the app here!

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