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App Store Pearls: getting a grip on your subscriptions with Bobby

Every day we scour the Internet for you to find the best apps in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. Today OMT editor Dunke van Boekel caught up with Bobby, which gives you more insight on the subscriptions you take out.

We’re getting absolutely slammed with subscriptions these days. Streaming services, of course, but also many apps, websites and other systems use them. A lot of money goes into them, although it’s not always easy to see how much that actually is. Fortunately, there is App Store Pearl Bobby for iPhone.

Bobby: iPhone app lists subscriptions

Today’s App Store Pearl lets you list all those subscriptions, which can still lead to a painful realization. Bobby lists all your subscriptions and shows at the bottom of the iPhone screen how much you spend per month. By tapping it, you can then see the total cost for the entire year.

It also happens that we are subscribed to a service that we don’t use, or hardly use anymore. If you forget to cancel the service, you still have to pay. Bobby shows you when money will be withdrawn from your account again and the iPhone app sends notifications. This is a great way to save money.

Bobby, App Store PearlsAll in a row. (Source: Bobby)

On top of that, Bobby’s appearance is also just very slick. The App Store Pearl looks good, and is fine to use in any country, considering it automatically converts different currencies of certain subscriptions.

Even more features in this App Store Pearl

Another fine feature of Bobby: dividing iPhone apps into categories. You can categorize any subscription service. So Apple TV+, Spotify, etcetera can go with streaming services, and IFTTT Premium in the list of apps you’re subscribed to.

Ironically, you can also get a premium subscription for Bobby. It then gives you access to syncing with iCloud, custom themes and lets you open the app with your face or a password. You only add 5 subscriptions, unless you put down a one-time euro. Then you can throw in an unlimited number of subscriptions.

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