App Store Pearls Letterboxd is your best movie buddy on

App Store Pearls: Letterboxd is your best movie buddy on iPhone

Every day we scour the Internet for you to find the cutest apps in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad or AppleTV. Today, OMT editor Dennis Mons couldn’t resist dropping by one of his favorites, because as a movie lover, he is absolutely smitten with Letterboxd.

If you watch a lot of movies, sometimes it can be quite a challenge to find something new. Or even if you only watch movies sporadically, that problem can be just as big. Letterboxd is then the best way to find cool new stuff.

Letterboxd on iPhone is a perfect App Store Pearl

As a movie fan, you just can’t ignore Letterboxd. The iPhone app allows you to record and rate the movies you’ve watched, create movie lists and discover new movies to watch.

One of the cool things about this App Store Pearl is the ability to create custom movie lists. You can create lists on your iPhone of your favorite movies, movies you want to watch or even lists of movies based on a specific theme or genre. This Letterboxd feature makes it easy to keep track of what movies you’ve watched. Based on that, you get recommendations that you can also share with others.

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What makes Letterboxd so incredibly cool is the community. You can follow other users and see what movies they’ve watched and reviewed. You can also comment on their reviews and start discussions about movies you’ve watched together. This creates a sense of community among movie lovers in this App Store Pearl.

The iPhone app also offers a news feed that shows what your friends are watching. You can also see what movies are currently popular in the Letterboxd community and what new movies have been added to the app. This keeps you up to date with the latest movie trends and new movies to add to your watchlist.

Become a film critic too!

This App Store Pearl also has a built-in rating system that lets you rate movies on a five-star scale. This feature in Letterboxd helps you keep track of the movies you enjoyed the most. Moreover, you can add written reviews to your movie ratings like a real movie critic, which can help others decide whether or not to watch a particular movie.

In other words: Letterboxd is a brilliant app on your iPhone for movie lovers who want to keep track of movies, discover new movies AND chat about them with other movie fans.

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